Feb 28

I just received the new Educational Leadership, and Jason Ohler wrote an amazing article called “Orchestrating the Media Collage“.  To summarize, he says that Web2.0 requires a different literacy that needs to stand side by side with the traditional read and write literacy.  He states, “Being able to actively create rather than just passively consume new media is important for the obvious reason that it teaches literacy and job skills that are highly valued in a digital society.”

I am very excited about the potential for change if I can get the administrators to read this article.  We need not only technology but access to the Web2.0 accounts this article mentions.  I have shared this with my principal and an administrator in the district office.  How else can I spread this message?  How can I take a small chunk of this and start appyling it in the library?

Feb 17

A Spanish teacher at my school shared a resource with me which I am passing along to the DEN.  It is called Make Beliefs Comix. Students put characters and thought or talk balloons into each panel. The possibilities for this are endless.

  • Elementary students to make students with beginning, middle, end.
  • Foreign language students to create a conversation about a particular topic.
  • English to discuss symbols, synonyms, plot, or any other literaty device.
  • Special education to discuss conflict resolution, applying for a job, practicing grammar, etc.

How would you use this website?

Feb 12

Professional Learning Network.  A term I never thought about until today when Barbara DeSantis (a DEN STAR educator) offered to send me her weekly e-letter that covers the highlights of her blog.  Contact her, by the way, to find out more.  It is a really cool service.

Anyway, it hit me how much I rely on my virtual PLN.   The library position is unique.  The job is a little of this, a little of that, and only other librarians understand some of the weird questions you ask.  It gets awful lonely in the media center, and, sometimes, noone hears you scream.

I have, of course, been using PLNs for years, but I never put my list together until now…

SCASL Ning (South Carolina Association of School Librarians)
LMNet (Library Media listserv)
email my colleagues in the district
maybe Facebook as I find more and more friends
and my newest one – DEN

How do you connect?

Feb 10

I have new Playaways courtesy a donor through DonorsChoose.  Bless whoever developed that site!  Anyway, I took my first set of pictures today and asked those students to bring me letters.  What kind of audio technology do you have in your library?

Feb 06

I told my coworker about figuring out how to embed United Sreaming into Powerpoint.  I watched a video through TeacherTube but had to solve some roadblocks on my own.  She said, “You should type those directions up and put them on the next newsletter.”

Even better.  I should use a screen capture/voice recording program and record my steps/lesson.  Then, make that available to the teachers via email attachment, blogs, and our website.   Trouble is, it seems that any sort of software that enables you to do this is expensive.  I wonder if there is a freeware/shareware version out there…?

Aug 31

My name is Susan Myers, and I am the head librarian at Spartanburg High School.  I work with another full-time certified librarian and one assistant.  We serve roughly 1550 students; 50% of which are on free/reduced lunch.  Our fiction collection runs from Among the Hidden, The Bluford Series, and other easy reads to Clancy, Grisham, and other adult works.  We just added Playaways (thank you DonorsChoose!).

I worked in a subscription library, taught third grade, worked as a GA in a research/closed stacks library, been the librarian in an elementary school, and a librarian in two high schools.

I love Web2.0 and anything computer.

Ask me about Oblivion!

Oh, and my favorite rock group is Rush.