2011 Co Learning 2.0

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Updating the writing Process
Use Evernote with recording to keep track of student reading/fluency/running record

Digital Learning Collaborative

Bud Hunt & Michelle Bourgeois

Stevan Kalmon & Dixie Good


Stop thinking of yourself as a teacher and think of yourself as a learner

Learn what it means to be a learner – figure out what it looks like for you – Turn off teacher mode and thinking to become a learner

set your learning goals and share with others


How does the learning I’ve done apply to my classroom?

Have a good crap detector

teaching teachers how to do teacher research – Teacher Research Cycle

goals – create a replicable prof. learning process, empower educators to use collaborative processes and technologies to improve teaching and learning

design – applicaton process: clear expectations, layers of learning community, guided goal development, monthly team leader meetings, …

“If folks don’t want to be there, it won’t work”

It’s not an ed tech initiative, it’s a learning initiative

What was most valuable?  “Being more deliberate in what I am doing and why.”

improvement in culture of classroom more important and influential than improvement in CSAP scores!!!

Bring the teacher back into the classroom!!

Our Kids’ Digital Presence/Footprint


This conversation is intended to really talk about our own children, but obviously applies to our students as well. We’ll take notes here. Feel free to add.

Some possible focal points:

1. Should our kids have their own domain as a “home base” for their digital footprint? Or should something like Facebook (shudder) suffice? Or is a footprint spread over lots and lots and lots of spaces fine, because Google and its descendants will be able to search, find, and collate the various parts into a cohesive whole?

2. What pieces are necessary? A blog? Email/Contact Info? “Traditional” social networking technologies (twitter, facebook)? Multimedia (flickr, youtube, etc.)?
etc. etc. etc.

3. What about the privacy/security/safety piece? What’s important there? At what age should they use their real name? Can they start with a pseudonym and then transition? Or what?

4. What about Terms of Service (age 13 and up)? Is it okay with parental consent? Or for those pieces of their presence should they wait until 13?

What’s Next? Learning 2.0 is four.

Next year – Jeffco


My dream is for kids and adults to get along because it is wrong for people and kids to not get along adults and kids should get along. also my other dream is to help the earth pickup all the trash and garage and pop cans and plastic bags and candy rappers.

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