APSTechGoddess Ning – Terrific FREE Audio Stories for Kids

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Honestly, I had forgotten all about this resource.  I learn about so many each year, it’s hard to keep them all fresh in my memory!

Posted August 24, 2010

I just found this TERRIFIC resource for FREE Audio Stories for kids. http://storynory.com/

Storynory has a great collection of classics, fairy tales, and original stories. Stories can be downloaded to be played on computers or MP3 players. The text for every story is available as well!!

Many of the stories also have prepared files for Interactive White Boards – you can download PowerPoint, Promethean, and Smart files!!!

APSTechGoddess Ning – 2METT

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This one was actually something I published for SimpleK12.  I was invited to do one of their Two Minute Ed Tech Talks (2METT)

Posted August 24, 2010

I was so excited about being featured on SimpleK12’s Two Minute Ed Tech Talk last week that I forgot to post my entry here. Check out my posting on the “I heart Ed Tech” blog! (http://blog.simplek12.com/education/2mett-glogster/)


APSTechGoddess Ning – Copyright Law and the Classroom – Image Searches

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A lot has changed in terms of copyright law and the classroom since I first published this post.  In fact, the link at the bottome from JeffCo schools about copyright has been taken down due to the number of changes. But, the list of resources is still good, so it’s worth passing on.

From August 11. 2010
Are you using Google or Yahoo images to find pictures for your classroom? Then please STOP! Many of the images you find in Google and Yahoo (and other search engines) are copyrighted, which means they are not available for you to legally use in the classroom.

Copyright law states that we need to make sure we are using royalty-free images or images that are in the public domain.

So where do you get those images? Here are some sites that are safe to use…

1. Any government web site – tax dollars pay for these sites, so they belong to the general public. (This includes the Library of Congress image library.)
2. The Smithsonian web sites – the Smithsonian has graciously offered any images on their sites to teachers to use in lessons.
3. http://www.pics4learning.com – a collection of royalty-free pictures created just for teachers and students. (This is one of my favorites.)
4. http://www.discoveryeducation.com – the district has a paid subscription to this site, so you can use any images from here in your classroom.
5. http://www.public-domain-image.com/ and http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/ are both great collections of legally available and useable images.
6. http://creativecommons.org/image/ was also designed specifically for schools to use.
7. Don’t forget about searching Promethean Planet ( http://www.prometheanplanet.com ). They have dozens of terrific resource packs with images and clip art you can use. Microsoft’s clipart gallery ( http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/) is also a great resource. There are thousands of pictures available to download.

To learn more about Copyright and schools, go to http://jeffcoweb.jeffco.k12.co.us/isu/library/copyright.html. ; JeffCo schools here in Colorado was hit with a multimillion dollar copyright infringement lawsuit a few years ago. They have created a GREAT web site with all the do’s and don’t for teachers.

APSTechGoddess Ning – Is Google Too Square to be Cool?

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I was so excited to post this resource on my Ning.  Sadly it was a victim of Google’s slashing and was taken down in 2011 with the demise of Google Labs.  Dear Google, you killed a terrific tool.  I only hope it can be resurrected some time in the future.

Posted April 30, 2010
I learned about the coolest research tool during the closing discussion at the South Dakota TIE Conference on April 20th.

Google Squared (www.google.com/squared) is an amazing way to find simple and readable research information for students (ok, and adults). Type in a search topic like “Dwarf Planets” and get a grid showing the names, images, descriptions, orbital period and more of all the newly identified Dwarf planets. Searches can even saved for later use.

APSTechGoddess Ning – Kerpoof

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This was one of the first posts to my Ning.  My students and I still use Kerpoof, just not as much as we used to.

From March 19, 2010…
One of my favorite Web 2.0 tools has become Kerpoof. Kerpoof (www.kerpoof.com) is a web site that is owned by the Walt Disney Company. Teachers can create FREE classroom accounts. Once logged in, students can…

-Make artwork (even if you aren’t good at drawing!)
-Make an animated movie (really! it’s easy!)
-Earn Koins which you can trade for fun things in the Kerpoof Store
-Make a printed card, t-shirt, or mug
-Tell a story
-Make a drawing
-Vote on the movies, stories, and drawings that other people have made

Everything is very easy to navigate and control. My students enjoy it so much, they now log in at home and create additional projects during their free time.

Out With the Old, In With the Newer

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We live in an ever changing world of “popular” technology tools.  One such tool that has lost popularity is Nings.  I started a Ning once upon a time, but haven’t done anything with it, preferring to use my blogs instead.

So the time has come to take down my Ning.  I will be copying over the content from it to this blog.  Some of it is a bit out of date, but I don’t want to lose it completely.

Goodbye APSTechGoddess.ning.com.  You were fun while you lasted.