APSTechGoddess Ning – Is Google Too Square to be Cool?

Filed Under (Blogroll) by Shannon Wentworth on 30-03-2013

I was so excited to post this resource on my Ning.  Sadly it was a victim of Google’s slashing and was taken down in 2011 with the demise of Google Labs.  Dear Google, you killed a terrific tool.  I only hope it can be resurrected some time in the future.

Posted April 30, 2010
I learned about the coolest research tool during the closing discussion at the South Dakota TIE Conference on April 20th.

Google Squared (www.google.com/squared) is an amazing way to find simple and readable research information for students (ok, and adults). Type in a search topic like “Dwarf Planets” and get a grid showing the names, images, descriptions, orbital period and more of all the newly identified Dwarf planets. Searches can even saved for later use.

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