2011 Colorado TIE

Tues keynote
Roger Pryor – Leading in a Connected World
Change happens Our vision of what is possible is always subject to change.
E-generation is anyone of any age united by love of learning.
What are schools for? Learning just in case or learning just in time.
why do we ask students to label rivers on a map when we don’t teach why those rivers are important?
We send confusing signals….http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTaNWBhmV8lrDOZQRKYS2ja5gCWjkzHed8UrLKGHjyy9ymfXtjcjA
School planning – skills and knowledge needed, how do we integrate skills and knowledge, and we need re-creation to sustain ourselves as part of humanity
Data informed instead of data driven
“The wonder of active learning”
Too many want schools to remain the same even though the world has changed.
Web 3.0 symmantic web, gaining knowledge about knowledge
Teachers – Are you the lighthouse guiding the way or the pilot in control?
We need to move away from the linear model and move to a more multidimensional approach.
BEST – balanced, ethical, sensitive, transformational

Movie Making with Elementary Students
Brad Flickinger
Beginning middle end 5 minutes long.
Learning by doing
Dramatic Writing
Never acccept bad video
Equipment needed…video camera, lights, tripod
Step 1 plan your movie, (set limitations, pick movie type, outline movie, write the script, make a storyboard)
Step 2. Shoot the movie (use a tripod, buffer time, good lighting and sound, follow storyboard and script) hold auditions for acting roles and camera operators
Step 3 Finish the movie (trim clips, add transitions and titles, add sound effects and music, export movie, publish movie)
Flipcamera training done first, small group samples
Reference book “Attack of the Killer Video Book”
Videospin editing software

Creating 21st Century Learning Communities
David Russell