CCIRA 2011 Notes

Thursday, Feb 3
session 124
Using technology to multiply your literacy instruction
Developing a read-a-long center
Cindy Emmons
Coyote Creek elementary, Douglas County, 1st grade
How the Brain learns to read  by david sousa
pedagogy of a read a long center
-authentic reading opportunity
-practice reading text correctly
-explicit instruction of phonics and fluency skills
-fluent reading is modeled
-repetitive reading
-attention is on language and meaning n continuous text
3 tiers to recording

  1. student listens to the story looks at pictures
  2. students point to words in the story
  3. students point to words and read along

finally give a follow up assignment.  ie continue the story
background music off during teaching, low volume during reading
websites for printable books – starfall, professor garfield

session 156
If you give a kid a giggle
karla oceanak
Humor affects multiple areas of the brain, whole brain experience
laughter lowers stress hormones, decreases pain, relaxes muscles, prevents heart disease, triggers release of happy chemicals, helps with memory, builds social bonds

session 172
exploring the world through lit and tech
amy tharp
dean jacobs
wonderous journey
students follow dean’s blog and podcasts

session 188
literacy through technology in the 21st century English classroom
Evergreen HS
see powerpoint for notes

session 201
Integrating Technology to Increase Fluency for ELLs
Gwynn Moore & Shannon Wentworth
see presentation website

Friday, February 4
session 324
Insights from student teachers in learning to teach literacy
one student published to the January 2011 CCIRA journal on pages 14-16
project ideas
“Too Cool for School” – students put inside things they think are cool
rewrite lyrics to a popular song or nursery rhyme with respect to a specific topic

session 371
Colorado Children’s Books Award Titles
great review of the books up for this year’s award and how to vote for them
also how to have students nominate books for next year’s awards

session 387
From Wikis to Websites
Presentation here

session 404
Transforming the Writing Process for the 21st Century Learner
This was our presentation – our notes can be found here

Saturday, February 5
session 512
Science Notebooking

session 520
STAR Grants