*June 27, 2008

PETS – 4 Ways to Think About Technology in Education
The original word processor – pencil
sometimes you need to think about using the simplest technology not the latest technology.
are we training for our past or their future

Univ of Pittsburg study broke technology training for teachers
4 categories
P – personal use
Most teachers start at this level – using email, making classroom newsletters or worksheets
Basic at this level, but grows with use of programs for SASI or Infinite Campus
Adding online lunch count, gradebook, parent communication
Wikis and Blogs are joining the list
Thumb drives, memory sticks, instant messenger,
E – Enhanced instruction
This is usually the next step for teachers
simplest tool for this – chalkboard or whiteboard
This graduates to interactive whiteboards, filmstrips, vcr/dvd’s, overhead & lcd projectors, document cameras, Internet
– always give students a question first, before watching a video & leave the lights on
Clickers, wireless labs, Alphasmarts, cassette/cd listening centers, digital cameras, video cameras, calculators
Internet research
T – teaching technology skills
professional development
SWAT Team (Student Workers Assisting Technology)
It has to happen in the classroom as well as the computer lab
typing – http://www.nimblefingers.com
$150 laptop
S – support instruction
you’ve taught it, but now students need additional support
drill & kill programs
ways to provide more practice
web sites, CDs
great support for gifted students
If we can push the top even further, it will increase our CSAP scores even more!!