*June 25, 2008

Books as Hooks to Online Primary Resources
Gail Petri, LOC, gpet@loc.gov
Sherrie Galloway, LOC, sgal@loc.gov
Eighth graders whose teachers used primary sources weekly had higher average scores than those who didn’t.

Get students to observe something closely. – visual literacy
Discover the stories behind the pictures.

American Memory – digitized resources
American Memory Learning Page already has prepared lesson plans using books.

America’s Story – http://www.americaslibrary.gov/cgi-bin/page.cgi – American History for Kids

Today in History – http://www.americaslibrary.gov/cgi-bin/page.cgi – minilessons & pictures of historic events by date.

Online exhibitions area great resource. They contain all types of media sometimes together in Primary Source sets. There are also suggestions of how you can use them in a classroom. (can be accessed from Home page – Teacher – Learning Page – Community Center)

Future resource – Materials Finder – will give the ability to search by grade level.

Exhibit Hall
Great new FREE resource – http://www.kerpoof.com
Students can create pictures, animated movies, and more!!!!!!

3 Ws of ETIL
This was mine and Gwynn’s presentation. I will post everything here later.
 Aurora Public Schools ETIL skills.pdf
Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy http://www.odu.edu/educ/roverbau/bloom/blooms_taxonomy.htm
Revised NETS Standards http://www.iste.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=NETS
 NETS – Next Generation Poster.doc
South Dakota sample 8th grade technology proficiency http://www.learning.com/tla/20itemsample/Sample Projects

 How Far Away.ppt  KWHL.doc
 2nd_Habitats_part_1.zip  2nd_Habitats_part_2.zip  2nd_Habitats_part_3.zip (This flipchart was broken into 3 parts and zipped to help it download faster.)
 Handwriting.flp  Environment_Biome_Flipquest.zip
 Alphabet Flipchart.flpWeb Resources
Apple iTunes
Earth and Sky
Discovery Education
Interactive White Board Links
Our City Podcasts
Promethean Planet
Smart Education
Smarter Kids
Teacher Tube
 Instructional Resources on the Internet.doc
 Maximizing Student Learning with Web Based Resources)Day 1.doc
 Teacher Resources on the Internet.docWikis
Learn In Tech
Sixth Avenue Wik