*June 23, 2009

Keynote – Dr. Tim Tyson
Use the link below to see a video of Dr. Tyson’s keynote address.  (It is very inspiring.)

 Session Title: Film Festival Bootcamp

It’s not about technology.  It’s about people.  It’s about curriculum.

MAC based presentation, but everything can be done on the PC.

Use programs such as Camtasia and Animoto.  (CamStudio free Opensource version of Camtasia.)

Find a great sponsor in the video field!

“Students – you have 2 minutes for your movie project.”

2 months before allowed to touch a computer or video camera.

Font should match point of movie.

Everything should support the thesis of the movie.

Kid hosted event

Be Shameless!!!!  Shameless self-promotion!!!!

Script -> Screenplay -> Filming -> Editing

Video as an assessment – students determine key points of curriculum and create a screenplay and short video.

Our equipment – we own what is created with it.

Your movie is never finished, you just agree to stop working on it.

Creative Commons, pics4learning, other royalty free material is fine to use.  Otherwise adhere to 10% rule and site source.


wide, middle, and close up shots

Show the audience the world inwhich they live in a way they have never seen it before.  Nick Ciarlanti

use the rule of thirds

music – music is everything