*June 24, 2009

Session 1a Title: Digital Storytelling with Frames
See the Powerpoint Presentation below for notes. (I attended half of this sesson.)
 Frames-TIE presentation.ppt

Session 1b Title: Using Promethean Activboards: The Basics and Up
See the flipchart below for notes. (I attended half of this session.)
 TIE 09.flp

Session 2a Title: Power with PowerPoint
See the presentation information below.  (I attended part of this session.)
ADAMS 12 – Elementary ED. (K-5) Technology standards –  elemETIL.doc
ADAMS 12 – Middle School (6-8) Technology standards –  ETIL 6-8 standards.doc

First and second grade work:
Here is an example of what I did with my first and second grade students. This is a great first of the year project to allow them to talk about themselves and share with classmates; I have been told that this lesson can also work well with the learning of sequence. They love that when you print this out it becomes they very own little pocket storybook.  My little Book Ex..ppt

My secret interview – A great introductory activity that allows the children to learn about one another, practice presentation skills and learn various aspects about Power Point.
Lesson plan –  My Secret Interviw Lesson Plan.doc
Interview questions –  Interview questions.doc
Example –  pe.ppt

Third and fourth grade –
All about me –
This is a project I do on the adjacent year with the Secret Interview project. The students put together a Power Point presentation about themselves that they will present to the class and also send to parent via E-mail.

Example –  About ME and What I Like.ppt

Seventh and Eighth –
Picture presentations (storybook) – Many students have been known to use either Power Point or Movie Maker for their end of their “career” at out school. They will put together a photo montage of their experience at school and what it meant to them and how it made them grow.

Jeopardy – A fun way for students to utilize their classroom learning in a fun and creative way. Using a Power Point game show for the students to create questions and answers based on classroom studies is a great way to solidify learning.
Example –  Quiz Show 101.ppt

The power with Power Point is that a student can use pictures and summarization to describe their learning.

Session 2b Title: Create Media-Rich Lessons with Free PBS Resources
See the link below for more information.  (I attended part of this session.)

Teachers’ Domain is an extensive library of free digital resources from public television and other leading media producers, designed for classroom use and professional development.

Session 3 Title: Building a Bigger Builder in Discovery Education Streaming

Look for some updates and new content in early July – post NECC.

Use the link below to see the example I made.
 Prompt Code = W1442-6818