*June 25, 2009

Session 1 Title: Promethean Instruction That Works

Session Description:  Come and see how combining the use of Promethean interactive whiteboards with the research-proven best practices from Classroom Instruction That Works will make your classroom engaging and impactful.

This session will showcase lessons that demonstrate effective, purposeful uses of Promethean products and will also provide participants with hands-on time to explore Activ Inspire (the software that comes with Promethean products). Session participants will have the opportunity to use the board and will leave with a selection of sample lessons that combine the strengths of Promethean’s tools with the smarts of Classroom Instruction that Works.

(This session will demo ActivInspire on the PC platform.)

Session Outline:

Session 2 Title:  Movie Maker Magic

For the book examples the 7th and 8th grade students were to pick a kindergarten buddy and re-illustrate their buddy’s favorite book. It starts with them meeting their buddy and reading to them the chosen book. They will then re-create that book with both Paint or Photo shop illustrations and text. They will then import the images into movie maker and narrate the story. When they are done they will burn their digital story to a CD and gift it to their buddy.
Book example –

The flip book lesson was to demonstrate to the students the concept of animation. A flipbook is their prompt; create a series of pictures that once put together show movement. One step is for the students to put the pictures into Power Point and make a miniature flip book, then the second step is to use Movie Maker. Once they load the pictures they can see how music and narration can be used in animation.
Flipbook example 1 –
Flipbook example 2 –

The Claymation project is very exciting and the students are very motivated. However, all they want to do is jump right in and sculpt. The first part of this project is to storyboard. Once you see a decent storyboard and a good script they can begin their sculpting. It is important to use modeling clay that will stay moist with air. This project should not me attempted with less then a month to work on it. It is a time consuming yet rewarding lesson.
Claymation example 1 –
Claymation example 2 –

Photo Mache
This example is one a student used for part of his exit exam/project out of 8th grade. However, it also works well as an intro project to uploading from a digital camera and Movie Maker fun!
Photo Mache example –  


Session 3 Title: Beyond Digital Storytelling
Session Description: All too often, we teach students how to write and record digital stories without first teaching them how to create a story worth telling. This session will focus on improvisational activities and tech-rich strategies that help students create and organize a story framework and then use digital tools to produce a final product. Teachers will learn methods from improvisational theater that will motivate students to include descriptive language, help build a framework for a story and create collaborative stories. Once the tale is ready for production, participants will have a chance to explore an assortment of computer based and web tools including iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand while exploring professional tips and techniques to make the final project one that will stand out.

Session Outline:

Prologue: Introduction (10 min)

  • Why storytelling?
  • The Pedagogical Power of the Narrative

Act 1: Framing the story (20 min)

  • The Storyspine
  • Sentence Starters
  • Story strings

Act 2: Expanding the story (20 min)

  • Color-Change-Advance
  • 5 picture stories

Act 3: Stories worth telling (20 min)

  • Every object tells a story
  • This I believe
  • When I was your age
  • PhotoEssays
  • Take2Video

Act 4: Sharing the story (40 minutes)

  • Quicktime audio recording
  • Visual stories in iPhoto
  • Garageband and podcasting stories
  • Collaborative stories

Epilogue (10 minutes)

  • Share your story
  • Share your strategies

Find the resources and links for this presentation at the Beyond Digital Storytelling website.