*Keynote – Hall Davidson

– It’s in your pocket, teaching spectacularly with cell phones
– Cell phones banned in most schools – they’re still there
– 3 billion cell phones in the world, 850 million personal computers
– US is 3-4 years behind the rest of the world in cell phone penetration (we have a better land line system)
– Who bans cell phones? The Taliban and a high school near you!
– qik.com for Nokia user to stream live video from their phones
– post videos to YouTube – movie reviews as you leave a movie, etc
– GPS, ID, for school security – use cell gps systems to track students
– use your cell to send in sub plan videos
– video students doing good or not good
– jott.com voice to text – send jott to twitter to leave notes or transcribe a phone call
– future – speak into phone – send voice to jott to trascribe – send transcription to google translator – instant translation for nonenglish parents
– gcast.com – add voice to website to create instant podcasts
– Discovery CashCab quizzes online – discoverymobile.com
– PDF for his powerpoint presentation – http://community.discoveryeducation.com/files/media_matters/CellPhonesInEducationpdf.ppt.pdf