*Monday Sessions

8:30-9:30 Teaching the Digital Generation

9:30-10:30 ActivClassroom Tour

  • Learning to use the newest tools and components of the Activclassroom.
  • I can’t wait to really start using the new dual pen feature and the Actiview.

11:00-12:00 Social Media Boot Camp

  • Great session with lots of good ideas for using social media in the classroom.
  • I’ll upload my video here later.

12:30-1:30 Lifelong Kindergarten: Keeping Imagination and Creativity in the Learning Process

2:00-3:00 Touch Down! Implementing iPod Touches Successfully

  • Handouts available at http://tinyurl.com/touchdowniste
  • download movies from DiscoveryEd and put on iPods
  • Center implementation – posted which groups accessing which apps
  • Provide Professional Development!!!!!
  • Poll everywhere on iPod Touch

3:30-4:30 Earth Mashing: Blending Web 2.0 and Google Earth

  • Resources available at http://digitalgoonies.com/?page_id=411
  • some fun web tools – http://classtools.net/main_area/template_loader.php/?fruit_maching, phonemyphone.com, goog411 (1-800-goog-411)
  • Provide students with options in bubble, they select the correct answer by deleting the wrong answers.
  • embeddable sites: Glogster, Fotobabble (picture and voice), Free Website Poll, One True Media, VoiceThread, MixBook (online photo album), Sketchcast, photo peach (several photos of one place), scrapblog, vocaroo, slideroll, animoto, slideboom, timetoast.com, scrib.com, slide.com,
  • create teacher gmail account, set up student gmail accounts using teacher account “+” student id number, gmail ignores anything after +

4:45-6:15 Colorado TIE Birds of a Feather

  • ddd

6:30-8:30 Colorado TIE Gathering