*Wednesday Sessions

8:30-9:30 Teaching English Language Learners – Is there an app for that?
AELL – academic english language learners

  • Teachers of ELLs should use tech tools to communicate better
  • ELL students should learn not only content but also communication skills.
  • Teachers and students should publish on the Web.
  • www.posterous.com – send work via computer, ipod, phone, ipad, etc through email and it is posted like a blog post, podcasts will create a podcast channel
  • http://eduese.posterous.com (session page)

10:30-11:30 Getting Published in ISTE Publications

  • tips and tricks given
  • explanation of the various journals available
  • L&L
    • L&L www.iste.org/LL/submitarticles
    • 300-2000 words, Chicago Manual of Style, active voice, no references needed
  • Book
    • 12-14 per year
      • lots of pitches, only around 40-50 submissions per year
      • know your market, know your competition
      • read similar books, work from an outline
      • what goes into the proposal – book proposal submission guideline
        • your cv and contributors
        • project summary
        • chapter list
        • sample chapter
        • audience
        • timetable