SD TIE 2009

Sunday was not as wonderful as we had hoped.  38 people attended our indepth session on Google Earth.  Unfortunately the Internet connection completely crashed so we couldn’t access a thing.  The attendees were very understanding.  We did give them links to the wikis (apstech and tie conference 2009) that contain our presentation and we gave out our email addresses so we can provide support later.  We just couldn’t justify keeping them trapped in the room for 4 hours with nothing to do, so we dismissed at 2:30.  At least the weather is better here than in Denver!

The Sunday keynote, Gloria Schaefer, was entertaining.  She is a rancher and motivational speaker who reminded us of the importance of humor in our lives.

Monday improved a bit.  The Internet connection is working again.  Hurray!  The keynote this morning is Alan November.

Here are some notes from the Alan November keynote…

  • You can build your own search engine in Google. Click more then even more then Custom search.
  • Students have to know what’s going on all over the world and competitive with the world.
  • Student Job 1 – daily researcher – one student who becomes an expert on a subject.
  • Student Job 2 – find other student work from around the world.
  • Student Job 3 – class scribe using google docs or onenote.
  • Student Job 4 – Contribute knowledge to the world via Wikipedia.
  • to search for only nasa websites or within nasa websites.
  • Jing and other screen capture software for lessons and student projects.
  • Research a topic and post an article to wikipedia.
  • list order in google is based on how many other sites are linked to what you searched for.