*Assessing Teachers on Technology

 SDSTE Presenter(s):

  1. Shane Steckelberg
    Tech Coordinator/Technical Staff

Description: What steps can be taken to assess and assist teachers with technology in the classroom?


PD: New Staff

  • How to handouts

  • two-hour primer a few days before school starts

  • Intro to Helpdesk and FAQs

  • Do you ever wonder “Is it worth it for them or you?”  (Info overload)

PD doesn’t work well because it is not content or grade level specific.  Instructor driven, not hands-on.  Teach based on skill levels.  Provide choices – don’t tell them they must go to Promethean training, provide them the opportunity to go to Promethean training with a focus on subject.  Provide follow-up.


Offer break out sessions.  Use local experts.  Hands-on.  Let them use the technology as much as possible.  Survey about support available, curriculum integration, technical choices.


45 min tech survey

45 min hands-on assessment
     Low, middle, and high ability groups.  Low group learns basics of operation, middle learn a bit more, high even more.