*Booktrailers for Children

Presenter(s): Mark Geary Dakota State University Assistant Professor mark.geary@dsu.edu

Description: Engage teachers in a process that can make reading fun and exciting for their students. Booktrailers provide an alternative form of assessment to the dreaded book report, get students involved in the community of content creators that are making booktrailers to share on the Internet and provide teachers with the process necessary to guide students through making a quick, 30 to 45 second introduction movie to a book. Using Photostory 3, teachers will learn the five step process needed to create their own movies. Teachers will also learn the collaboration strategies used to share their student’s work with the world or just their school. This book introduction movie is purposefully described as a “booktrailer” to distinguish it from the longer and more sedate “booktalk” and to associate it with the fast pace of a movie trailer, with which we are all familiar. You will see the progression of a book video website for students that started as a concept and now hosts hundreds of videos.

Booktrailers for Children
DSU Booktrailer Website !

How to Make Booktrailers article by Mark Geary

Phun with Photostory 3

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