*One Small Click for All Mankind

Presenter(s): Angelo Casaburri  NASA Johnson Space Center  Aerospace Education Specialist

Description: This is a multimedia space adventure beyond books and blackboards that is based on NASA’s Space Educators’ Handbook DVD, 200th Anniversary Edition (1989 – 2009). Topics included in the Space Educators’ Handbook DVD number in the thousands. It is divided into several major sections: Space Robotics, Challengers Lost Lessons, Space Spin-offs, a Space Education Library with hundreds of teacher guides and exercises in pdf, and Space Knowledge with thousands of subcategories. At the end of this session, participants will be given a 4 gigabyte Space Educator Treasure (DVD). There is nothing else like it on the planet! On the internet, the Space Educators’ Handbook is currently resident on the World Wide Web at: http://er.jsc.nasa.gov/seh/


See the DVD!!! Tons of amazing resources! Note: The Challenger Lost Lessons are available on the DVD but not on the website.


Anything in the handbook is public domain.  Any non-NASA items have given permission to teachers to copy and use for educational purposes.