8:15 Keynote – Dr. Jack Bacon, NASA
Building the International Space Station
Gravity – it’s not just a good idea… it’s the law.
Astronauts don’t drink Coca-cola in space – bubbles don’t rise to the surface, instead of the peptic effect we get on Earth, it causes the astronauts to get bloated and gassy.  However they take coke into space to study what it does in 0 gravity, simulating molten metals.
Fun speech, but Dr. Bacon is definitely a science geek – lots of math and terms going over people’s heads.
Interesting fact – Launching rockets from Russia to the International Space Station takes a different launch vector and more power to get smaller loads on the right trajectory to meet the space station, than launching from Earth.

9:45 The Interactive Classroom (Our presentation)

10:55 Twitter Twitter Twitter – Leslie Fisher

10:55 Flipping for Learning
Lori Rook
see flip camera video

1:15 Managing a 21st Century Classroom without losing your mind
demonstration of student projects and ideas using student tablet computers
ideas included – Excel spreadsheets, Word/PowerPoint/Publisher projects, brochures, web cam viewing, etc.
Many of the ideas she shared are activities I did 8 years ago when I was starting out in the Computer Lab and had no software.

2:25 Master Teacher Academy
Information from presentation available here http://sdmasterteachers.wikispaces.com/