Designing Student-Centered Classrooms using Promethean ActivInspire Tools

Welcome to my wiki focused on Designing Student-Centered Classrooms. Below you will find a variety of links, handouts, and presentation materials that will be used at ISTE 2010 for the BOYL workshop on 6/29/2010-TE465L Designing Student-Centered Classrooms Using Promethean ActivInspire Tools

Presentation in PDF format
ISTE 2010_Student-Centered Classroom Presentation.pdf

A view of the 21st Century Learner

Paying attention to Copyright
Even though you are creating flipcharts for your lessons or students creating projects in an education environment; fair use on the Internet is a gray area that every educator needs to know. When sharing projects, flipcharts, and information on wikis and blogs be sure to credit your resources. Images, graphics, and music found on the internet through searches are NOT all copyright free.

Public Domain/Copyright Free Sites for images, animated objects etc.

A great wiki for copyright resources, information, and use guidelines
Some sites I have used for resources
If you own Microsoft Office, the included clipart and the clipart from their online site is copyright free
ActivInspire resources and resource packs are copyright free from Promethean planet

ActivInspire Software and Flipchart Resources
ActivInspire Software
Flipchart Design Tips and Tricks
Promethean ActivTips
Building Flipchart Fundamentals