Integrating Technology Through Literacy to Support English Language Learners

ELL Presentation-2009 IOWA, 2010 SD

ELL pres.pdf


PicLits students select words to create captions for chosen pictures.
Xtranormal a free website students can use to create animated digital movies. “If you can type, you can create a movie”
Wordle a site that can be used for students to create word nets
Owl & Mouse Educational Software a collection of free software to build letter recognition, reading, writing, social studies skills
Voki create speaking avatars using text or recording voices
Glogster web based poster creation program that lets the user include, graphics, text, audio, video and web links
APS-Discovery OnePlace APS’ one stop search engine for Mondo Resources, Discovery Education, Nettreker, CultureGrams etc.
Colorado Thinkfinity Website interactive lesson activities for reading, writing, math, science, social studies
Promethean Planet interactive learning flipchart resources that use ActivStudio 3 and ActivInspire
Pics4Learning copyright free photos
Phet interactive science simulations. This is a K-12 project from CU Boulder
Audacity free voice recording software for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms
Aurora Public Library: E-Readers free online access to audio books using Storyline Online, Tumblebooks, StoryPlace, and International Children’s Digital Library. Many of the books are available in English and Spanish as well as other languages.

The files for Math and the Alphabet/Letter Sound Flipcharts require ActivStudio or ActivInspire to view. If you do not have this software, you can click the link to view the files
ActivStudio Viewer

Math Resources

After downloading the shape Flipchart files, you can use the flipchart builder to merge the two files to make 1 book.


Shannon’s Alphabet/Letter Sounds Flipcharts

Little a’s Sound Bag.flp Little b’s Sound Bag.flp
Hard c’s Sound Cart part 1.flp Hard c’s Sound Cart part 2.flp
Little d’s Dustpan part 1.flp Little d’s Dustpan part 2.flp
Little E Explores part 1.flp Little E Explores part 2.flp
What Little F Found part 1.flp What Little F Found part 2.flp

Social Studies

The file below uses Google Earth which is a free download from google. You can access their website by clicking on the link
Google Earth Download

US Landmarks.kmz
Wheres the Pizza.kmz