February 3 – A GREAT DAY!!

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First of all, let’s just say that having a 1-day work week is awesome!  We should get a 6-day weekend for Groundhog Day every year, just without the sub-zero temperatures!!

Today was the first day of CCIRA 2011.  I attended some good technology integration sessions this morning.  Followed by a lunch with Steve Spangler.  If you have not seen Steve in person, you should.  He is hilarious!  Next was the first presentation Gwynn and I have this year – Supporting ELLs with Technology.  We had about 25 participants who gave us rave reviews.  They even applauded at the end!  After that session, we returned to our room to do a Skype interview with the review board for the Morgridge Foundation Share Fair.  The interview went very well and both of our presentations were accepted on the spot.  I can’t wait for day 2!!

DEN Streamathon

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I was able to participate in a few of the DEN Streamathon sessions today.  Wow! A lot of great new stuff now available – new content, new contests, and soon a new DEN membership status.  Can’t wait to become a DEN Guru. 

 Gurus – STAR educators who possess expertise of one or more pedgogical topics (Differentiated Instruction, PBL, etc), have demonstrated their expertise through a variety of professional expereiences and advocate for the meaningful integration of DE content across area of expertise.  They will be promoted throughout the community as thought leaders in the educational field and have the opportunity to share their expertise in a variety of ways.  Gurus will be featured as regular contributors to the national DEN blog, featured in own DEN webinar, represent DEN at major educational conferences during the year (registration and travel expenses covered by the DEN).  Application opens on October 1. 

 I can’t wait to apply!!!

What’s in store for 09-10?

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Wow, do I have a busy year ahead.  Gwynn and I will be presenting twice at ITEC in a few weeks in Coralville, Iowa.  Our first presentation will be on GoogleEarth and our second will be on supporting ELL students with technology.  We have also been approved to present again at CCIRA in February.  We have applied to present again at South Dakota TIE (Sioux Falls this year) and we will be applying to present at ISTE 2010 in Denver!!!

Plus, teaching, training, and more.  I hope my sanity and energy last through the rest of the year!!

Colorado TIE 2009 is Underway!!

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Gwynn and I successfully made it to Copper Mountain for this year’s Colorado TIE Conference.  Today was a pretty easy day.  We volunteered this morning to help stuff goodie bags and fold t-shirts, then we manned the registration counter for a while this evening.  The meat of the conference starts tomorrow and the we wrap up on Friday when we present.  I’ll publish notes from my sessions and the keynotes on a separate set of pages.

Ta ta for now!

What’s New

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Ok, it’s been a few months since I updated.  The 2nd Annual APS Technology Fair went well, despite rescheduling and losing lots of judges and one of our main prize sponsors.  That kept me busy for quite a while after South Dakota.  Then the end of the school year came at us hard – May 21st was our last day!!!  So far I have spent the month of June being lazy, doing odd jobs around the house, etc.

 But no more!!!  Colorado TIE begins on Monday.  Gwynn and I will again be presenting our Google Earth Tour presentation.  Maybe this time the Internet connection will hold out and we can have a successful session!  I will update from the conference as a I, so check back for more.


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Well, thanks to a very wet spring snow storm, the technology fair has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 16.  The time and place will stay the same.

I am sitting in the first session of the last day at South Dakota TIE.  So far the conference hasn’t been too bad.  It hasn’t been too great either.  Our presentation on Sunday (along with a lot of others) hit a major snag when the poorly laid Internet connection crashed.  We did the best we could and thankfully our audience was very understanding.

The conference finished us today around 2:00.  Gwynn and I will hit the road immediately after.  We are planning a stop at the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD, but then straight home for a nap!

Busy Busy April!!

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Wow! What a busy time of year!

I just finished a course that will certify me to be a Thinkfinity Field Trainer.  So look for some Thinkfinity based PD to be offered soon!

The district Technology Fair is Saturday, April 18th from 9:30-12:30 at Paris Elementary School.  This year we had over 200 applications.  101 of them were selected to present at the the Technology Fair.  Prizes have been donated by Discovery Education, Cinema Grill, and Wolf Camera.

April 19-21 is the South Dakota TIE Conference.  Gwynn and I will be presenting on Sunday the 19th.  Our topic is creating GoogleEarth tours using media from the Internet and Discovery Streaming.

Then we get started on the AEA Technology Integration Caucus.  We were officially approved by the AEA board on April 7th.  We’ll have a committee meeting sometime in early May to begin planning the Summer Technology Bootcamp that will take place in July.

I’m registered for 2 Webinars.  The FETC Webinar is April 23rd and then the DEN Spring Virtual Conference is the 25th. 

April 25th is also 6th Avenue’s Spring Carnival.

Look for more updates soon!

CCIRA 2009

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Well, I survived the 2009 CCIRA (Colorado Council International Reading Association) Conference.  Unfortunately, though, CCIRA does not provide Internet access, so my notes will be posted once I clean them up and translate my messy handwriting.

Gwynn and I presented this year.  Our topic was integrating technology and literacy.  We had about 50 attendees.  The resource disks we passed out at the end were very popular.  A few people ask for extras to take back to collegues!  We also ended up giving a mini ActivStudio class afterwards.  I think we have found a niche we fit into nicely!!!


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Well, it’s taken me 6 months to finally get this blog up and running.  (I have three other blogs/wikis I manage also, plus two full-blown web pages, so you will hopfully understand if I don’t keep this one updated as often as I would like.)

The purpose of this blog will be to provide a place to share what I have learned while attending and presenting at conferences across the country.