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My new favorite tool…Glogster!

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I regret not using this blog sooner, but it seems like talking about my new favorite technology tool is a good place to start. I have heard all sorts of people rave about Glogster for the last year or so since it really exploded in popularity.  I have been a little bit hesitant to jump it, as it seemed awesome, yet so wide open that my students would get off task and caught up in trying out the hundreds of glog wall designs instead of making a meaningful project.  I am so glad that I got started with Glogster, as my first experience recently was awesome!

I have to say that I LOVE the projects feature and this has made all the difference in the success of my students .  I was able to very specifically assign a Glogster project and template to my students.  They had a starting point for the Glog which helped them focus their effort.  I was using it this time around with 3rd graders, so I am very excited to see how my older students do with it.

One criticism of Glogster that I am sure that others have experienced is the Student Account Management functions.  Perhaps this is more an issue for me given that I work with elementary aged students, but it is very difficult to manage student accounts.  My students need generic log ins and passwords, as I cannot use student names and I need to be able to easily manage the accounts.  To do a password change I needed to change each one individually.  There is no global management function.  This would certainly be nice to have and would have saved me quite a bit of time and work between the 2 schools that I teach in.

Despite this, I am seeing why everyone said that Glogster is the single most innovative and exciting tool in education.  It has loads of potential and the kids love it.  I can’t wait to plan more projects and expose even more of my students to it!