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Summer Plans


Schools out, and I thought I’d sit back for a few days and chill (and work out in the gym) to get my head back into a good place (been a rough year!). Still a month to DENSI (can’t wait). Plenty of time, right?  That’s what I thought. The only plans I had for the summer were the DEN Summer Institute–enough, right? Then…………

Talked to my dad on Father’s Day.  He sending me a ticket to visit him in Florida.  They’re having a party 4th of July weekend. Leaving on the 29th coming back on the 9th.  Can’t say no to Dad, right?

Been keeping in touch with a lot of old friends (via Facebook) all over the country that I haven’t seen or talked with in a long time.  In the past year, I’ve met with friends that I haven’t seen since HS or college. (No, I’m not saying how long ago that was, lol!)  So much fun!  One  friend that I haven’t seen since I was 18 asked if I could come up to their house on Orange Lake, NY this weekend for a few days.  How could I say no? Can’t wait!!!

So, here I am packed.  BUT, all that DEN work I planned on doing? Crunch time, again!   Seems like there’s never enough time, right?  But what a problem to have! Sure hope I can find wifi in both places! Wish me luck! :-)


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