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Little Bird Tales


I’ve never been much of a blogger. I’m not one to write about myself or what I do, or what I’ve experienced. Then recently I had a brainstorm while thinking about DEN’s March Madness! While I don’t like writing about experiences, people might like to know about some of the technologies that I know and like! So, I’m giving blogging a chance. Let me know what you think!

The first technology I want to share is one that I’d like to share is Little Bird Tales Little Bird Tales is a great tool for students to create a “book” or story online. Students can upload pictures, draw pictures, narrate, and write a story. The reason I love this program is that students are so engaged! I’ve never experienced young students work so diligently on a project before. After initial instructions, they worked furiously on their stories. I planned on this being a two class project, but the students begged for more! That’s when I really knew they loved the program! Here’s an example: I recently saw an example of using it with Math:

Students can use Discovery Education pictures to create stories, to explain science processes, math theories, and countless other ways. Another way would be to use any of the songs or other audio to create a story. I’m sure you can think of even more!

Teachers set up the class, and students use their individual logins with a secret school code—students’ last names were never used, and I felt it was secure. Students can work on it at home, or even create their own stories at home. Parents can buy the “book,” if they choose, but, for classwork, I printed a pdf for the students. Little Bird Tales has templates for aligning projects with Common Core Standards (! And it’s at the top of the new Bloom’s Taxonomy: Creating.

I hope you like Little Bird Tales!

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