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I love Pinterest and! I’ve been using both programs for over a year,  and some of my “categories”  have tons of information. Although it’s great to have the information, in many ways it’s a problem! For example, in Pinterest, I may have over 100 pins in a  board, and trying to find something can take a while!  The same problem occurs in

I just found an online program called MentorMob that might solve some of the problems…at least for my education lists.  And, it’s so much fun! Mentormob lets you create what they’re calling “digital playlists.”  I see it as a PDF on steroids!  I started playing with it a little bit ago, and, although I only created a few pages, I can see its advantages over Pinterest and in many situations–especially education. The most obvious is the list on the left side of what on each slide of the playlist, similar to what you see on a PDF.

I see this as a great way for teachers to create lessons online and to share lessons and ideas. As I said, I tried my hand at it briefly today.  I decided to create a playlist on Digital Citizenship.  I started with a  link to my Wikipage on Digital Citizenship, and then took several links that I like to create several more pages in the playlist. I will probably reorganize it to improve it, but for now, it’s an example that I can share with you. Here’s my example on Digital Citizenship. This is just my first attempt, but I had to share this cool tool!

If you have any ideas for this cool tool, please share! :-)  

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