Invitation to Webcast

If you are not doing anything tomorrow night (Thursday, Nov 29) between 8-8:30pm EST, please consider coming to a webcast (for other time  zones click here).  I’m hosting the webcast with Derrall Garrison from California and Dennis Oliver from Arizona (we’re all Webcast Academy interns).  The topic is Second Life from the point of view of “newbies.”  If you have never heard of Second Life or have never been there, this webcast is for you!

A webcast is an on-line audio show with a chat room to ask questions of the hosts.  If interested, go to a few minutes before 8:00 – you’ll need to double click on the “webcast academy” folder on the right side of the chat window.  There will be a link below the chat window that gets you to the audio; we’ll be broadcasting on Sandbox A.  Keep in mind that we are beginners, but we are confident that it will go smoothly.  I’ll be streaming the audio, while Derrall video streams from SecondLife.  Please join us! 

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Ice Skating in SL

Thanks, DEN for the skating rink and free skates!  I enjoyed skating with Frosty this afternoon.  I went there when no one else was around.  Had a great time!

Do it Now!


TOMORROW, the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on overriding the President’s veto of the FY08 Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations bill, which contains $272 million for Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) program. The Senate may vote soon, as well. Please email your Senators and Representatives immediately and urge them to override the President’s veto and support passage of the FY08 Labor, HHS and Education spending bill. Click here to go to the Ed Tech Action Network – A draft email message is available for you to modify, and the whole process takes less than five minutes.  Do it now.

Interested in being a part of the Michigan LC team?

The Michigan LC is coming soon!  Soon we will have a Michigan blog where we will be able to network, share ideas/events, and technology tips/tricks!  Cindy Carson (W Bloomfield) has stepped up to be the chair,  I will be the blog coordinator, and Lisa Wininger (Plainwell) will be Events Coordinator.

We are looking for other STAR members from Michigan to join our team!
Please contact Cindy Carson: if you are a STAR DEN member and are interested in being an active part of the Michigan LC team.  

DEN in Second Life


The DEN offers training opportunities for Second Life.  Although my schedule has only allowed me to attend one, it was excellent.  The leaders are helpful and encourage the folks new to Second Life.  This coming Wednesday evening, there will be workshop on taking photos in Second Life.  It starts at 4:30 pm SLT (7:30 EST).  Attend if you can!  

The image above is the best I can do at the moment.  It took a long time to figure out how to even see my face so that I could take a picture!  I look forward to learning the tricks on Wednesday.

Michigan DEN Leadership Council

I’ll be attending a webinar next week to learn more about how to get a Michigan Leadership Council going.  It’s about time!

Happy Halloween

This is an animated avatar that I made with RockYou… just to see if it would work!

How will I like my new DEN blog?

I have been blogging for about a year using Edublogs.  My blog is called Yes Tech!  I’ve decided to try out Discovery’s blogging tool to compare the two.  This may be a great alternative for teachers in my district.