Beginning to wrap up the year!

Wowzers! As I anticipated, I failed to keep a blog this year. Ah well, I can always try again next year! :)

So much has happened this year! As it is for anyone, I’d be unable to accurately summarize the year in one blog. It’s been an OK year though. There hasn’t been a lot of support within the school and district for Discovery Ed this year, which is a huge shame! Due to budget cuts, we lost our Discovery subscription, and thanks to the almighty Princess Porter, she was able to fiddle with my account so that I wouldn’t lose everything! I really hope the district is able to bring back our subscription in the new year…or I don’t know what I’m going to do! Also, the 2 VirtCon’s that our school hosted this year were unattended (except by me). For the last 2 years, there has been ample interest in attending the events, registrations, etc., but when it comes to the day of, I host the event with just me in attendance. It’s frustrating, but I can only control what I can control. I hope one day I’ll be at a school where the staff are DEN lovers, like I am, and that one day I’ll return to a classroom so that I can bring back the DEN-mazing resources to my students! I miss it, a lot!

In my extra-curr (Scouting), I just found out on Friday that I’ll be receiving an Outstanding Service Award called the Medal for Good Service! I am so excited and honoured! I have been invited to attend a luncheon at the end of May to receive it. I called my mom as soon as I found out, as she is also a member of Scouts Canada. She told me that she was part of the nomination process! My mom is the best! :)

Till next time!


2014-2015 begins

Hello! Tansi! Another school year has begun! My school year resolution (again) is to write more on my blog. I get all pumped up to use this amazing tool after professional development days; I log in, write some, then…disappear for months. Therefore, I am going to try this again!

My first weeks back to school were great! We started off with 2 days in the school to organize and settle in, and 3 days of professional development with staff from the whole division. During one of the PD days, I helped the training team by presenting to Gr. 1/2 staff on different ways to use a SmartBoard in the classroom, and showcased favourite websites (i.e. Discovery Ed), and favourite apps. At school, I worked with my Catalyst team to organize our new office space, re-organize my old work space so that it can be utilized more efficiently with students, and prep lessons and assessments that teachers would be using in the first couple of weeks.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this year will take me!



New Year and new role

What an amazing first month of 2014! With the new year came a new role and new challenges.

Firstly, I am no longer a classroom teacher. Due to a retiring teacher, as of Jan. 6th, I was re-assigned to be a full time catalyst teacher at our school. In the mornings, I am the Math Catalyst teacher and assist classroom teachers with planning math lessons using the 2 main resources at our school, First Steps in Math, and Math Makes Sense. In this role I also diagnostically task each student from Gr. 1-9 to assist teachers in learning more about where their students have gaps in their learning. They then use the information to focus instruction for each student.

Secondly, I am the Leveled Literacy Intervention catalyst in the afternoons. This is a new position for me so with it came a lot of learning! I currently meet with 2 small groups of students from grades 1 and 2 and do intense reading and writing lessons with various strategies. After 14 weeks, we assess the students using the Developmental Reading Assessment and form new groups. After the winter break, I’ll be taking on a 3rd group with grade 4 students in addition to a new grade 1 and 2 group.

Lastly, I am still assisting the students and new teacher in the (my) classroom. The students are still very interested in Skyping, and Mystery Skyping so I schedule times to visit the class since the students really enjoy it and are always looking forward to the next one (so please email me if you’d like to)!. Our Twitter has gone quiet, as has our blogging, but I’m hoping to be able to meet with the students every now and then to stay connected with our friends throughout the rest of the year.

As for the next few days, on Monday, our grade 4-12 students will be going skiing for the day! On Tuesday, Maria Campbell (a Métis author, playwright, broadcaster, filmmaker, Elder, and fluent speaker of four languages: Cree, Michif, Saulteaux, and English) will be visiting our school! We are very excited to see her! We will be following the winter Olympics starting Feb. 7th, and then Winter break is Feb. 17-21st.

‘Til next time!

November: NAAW, Skype, Christmas!

It’s been so very busy at our school and in our class this month!

Nov. 18-22 was National Addictions Awareness Week (NAAW). We participated in a door decorating contest and worked very hard to decorate every door in the school, including some locker doors! We learned how to live a healthy lifestyle by doing things like: going to bed early, brushing our teeth, eating healthy, and exercising.

On Nov. 21st, we had the chance to Skype with a Gr. 3/4 class in Moose Jaw, SK!
It was World Hello Day so shared how to say hello in French, Cree, and Spanish.
You can find their blog entry at:
Next time we Skype, we are going to discuss being a Treaty person!

On Nov. 25th we chose what we will be doing for our Winter Concert! We re-wrote the words to the “12 Days of Christmas” and will sing it with props, and we will be performing Jingle Bells with Boomwhackers and rhythm instruments. We’re very excited and will be practicing every day!

Stay tuned!

A day in Chief Poundmaker School

8:30-8:45am – Buses drop students off at school.
9:00am – School starts
9:00-10:00am – Math
10:00-10:30am – Computers or Health
10:30-10:40am – Recess
10:40-12:00pm – ELA (English Language Arts) or Guided Reading
12:00-12:30pm – Lunch/Recess
12:30-1:00pm – Social Studies
1:00-1:30pm – Cree (Day 1, 3, 5) & PE Health (Day 2, 4, 6)
1:30-2:05pm – Phys. Ed.
2:05-2:15pm – Recess
2:15-2:45pm – Science
2:45-3:15pm – Art
3:15pm – HOME TIME!!

Have a great day!

September 2013

In 3 more days, we’ll be back in school with students! This year, we’ve had some changes in our class split grades. We have a large group of students in Gr. 1-3, so this year my class will be a Gr. 4/5 split. For the last 4 years, I’ve taught Gr. 5/6. I’m excited to teach new subjects from the Gr. 4 curriculum and to have an entirely new group of students! Soon after the students start back, our class will be taking part in a global classroom project called, “It’s a small world”. Through Twitter, blogging, and Skyping, our students will be able to connect with other students and teachers from around the world! I’m looking forward to Skyping with a class in New Zealand in the next couple of weeks. New Zealand will be the farthest distance from SK that we’ll have ever Skyped with! I can’t wait to share the news with my class. Here’s to a fantastic year and many connections with others!

Miskwaytumowin Science Camp 2013

From Tues., May 21-Thurs., May 23rd I had the privilege of accompanying 13 Gr. 7-12 students to a Science Camp hosted by the University of Saskatchewan.

It was 3 days of amazing! The students and I participated in Chemistry labs, Biology labs, Physics labs, Computer Science labs, and Geology labs! We also listened to a great line up of graduate students in each field to see and hear about what they’ve done in school.

In Chemistry/Biology, the students learned about collecting and recording DNA samples, and even had their own DNA collected and made into a necklace!

In Computer Science, the students had fun working with Scratch. In the Physics lab, the students cracked open brand new electricity kits that were shipped from India in order to experiment with voltage and resistance.
In the Geology lab, students looked at various rocks and minerals, and then painted with earth-based paints.

In addition, the students also had time to visit the local and campus pools, listened to drumming and story telling at the tipis in the evening, and toured the local SIAST college. The students left the camp talking about being inspired by the people they met, are more interested in attending college and/or university, and for some, this camp sparked an interest in a subject that they didn’t know existed. I’m looking forward to camp next year!

It’s a Small World Intro

Hello! Tansi!
We are the Gr. 5/6 class at Chief Poundmaker School in Saskatchewan, Canada. We’re a Cree First Nation school. There are 15 of us in our class. There are 8 Gr. 5’s and 7 Gr. 6’s. However, our school year ends in June of this year, so these numbers and the students in our class will change in the new year (September). We have two teachers this year, and hopefully next year! Ms. Albert (shown in picture with class) teaches in the a.m., and Ms. Thompson (taking the picture) teaches in the p.m.
We enjoy Skyping and learning about other places, people, and cultures. Those of us that will be in the class next year are looking forward to joining the “It’s a Small World” group blogging project hosted by a class in New Zealand!


This is fantastic! My class has been invited to join a group blog for the new year! I don’t want to give up on the idea entirely of keeping a blog, so will try it again this September. The students are looking forward to starting out fresh! Who knows! Maybe this will be the motivation I need to keep up with my personal/class blogs. *applause*


I officially stink at keeping a blog. There’s always so much I want to write about, share, and collaborate about but I just don’t think the blog is the right medium for me. My students were great bloggers but we were finding it difficult to find other students to share our blogs with. I think of my blog often, I read about others who’ve had success with blogs, personal and professional, and I envy them.

Since I’m here, I will post about the huge success of our DEN First Nation LiveStream. It was a lot of fun, the students loved creating the VoiceThread to answer student questions, but the hype has fallen, and many classes that we thought we could continue a dialogue with are busy with their own classrooms and projects.

I feel disheartened sometimes when I invite colleagues to events and after committing to attend, they don’t. Or when invited, they decline and then attend a gathering of their own. I sometimes wish I worked in a district with more like-minded people when it comes to the DEN. Hopefully one day, that will be the case. Even so, I will still shine brightly, learn and develop myself through webinars, and I will be all that I can be with the DEN. I will continuously need support and encouragement and will receive it from my DEN friends in other parts of the world.

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