Sharing Discovery Ed

On Monday, November 8th, a STAR colleague and I went to Chief Little Pine School after school and did a 30 min. intro to DE!! It was sooooo great!!! There were about 25 teachers and EA’s that attended. We went briefly through how to log in using their school’s passcode, DE search and streaming, the PD and Teacher Resources, the Interactive Atlas, MediaShare, Science and Health, setting up Classrooms, Writing Prompt and Assignment for students, and at the end we got them hooked onto Edmodo :)

I wish we had more time with them to go into depth but we told them about the webinars and how they can sign up. We didn’t get any pictures because we were so rushed for time, but they really got a lot out of it and some of the teachers told me that they look forward to checking out the site, becoming DEN stars, and would get in touch with Dawn or I if they needed help or had any questions.

We also gave away all of the training kit materials to the teachers by having their names in a draw. They really appreciated receiving the items. It was really a great experience for Dawn and I to share our passion for Discovery Education and the Network.

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