First 3 days of school!

Wow! The first 3 days have come and gone. *smile* What a great start to a new year! I’ve set up my students with “Gamification” additions and they are loving it!! My “Flip-a-card” chart has turned into a +10 bonus xp board.
Homework and “I’m done, what’s next?” activities are awarded with xp, they have options to practice the objective learned, and the badges on Edmodo are a lot of fun to award and create. We had an excellent discussion about bullying, shared stories, and then watched some videos on DEd that talk about accepting differences. They really enjoyed watching them and it was a great addition to our discussion.

We’re also set up to join the Global Read Aloud project this term. We have our wiki, Twitter, and Skype set up to share and collaborate with others who are participating.

This term is going to be amazing!

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