I’ve been neglecting…

my blog. Since the Discovery Education Tech or Treat, I’ve been meaning to log in and post. Sometimes though, time just slips past so quickly! This has been one of those times. But, better late than never!

Discovery Education Tech or Treat: Our school hosted this event for our 2nd year. 15 staff were in attendance, arriving at the school for 7am, happy to be welcomed by Tim Horton’s coffee and muffins :) We had a great time learning about new resources from all of the presenters. We also enjoyed being able to sit and chat about the resources we’ve been using in our classrooms. I love sharing sessions! I always walk away with new ideas.

Non DE news: My Gr. 5/6 class just hosted a cultural sharing session with a school in Ontario on Nov. 17th. My colleague in Ontario, Leigh Cassell, has started a huge project called the “Digital Human Library”. It is going to be an AMAZING resource once it is up and running. Teachers will have a digital library of contacts that classes can connect with via Skype. Check out our presentation at: http://blog.amdsb.ca/2011/11/20/borrowing-from-the-digital-human-library/

I’m also really looking forward to my first gig as a SmartBoard trainer on Thurs. the 1st (which is also my birthday)!
It is a great opportunity to show how I use the SmartBoard in my classroom, but it’s also a great outlet for me to plug DE!! I use DE photos, sound, and video in quite a number of my lessons for the SmartBoard.

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