EduBlog Award nominations

My nominations for the 2011 Edublog Awards

I nominate the following:
Best Group Blog: Discovery Education
I really enjoy being able to read the Discovery Education Glogbal blog, Canada blog, and Leadership Council blogs. They are insightful, give great ideas, and are a great means of sharing news, events, and successes internationally.

Best EdTech / Resource Sharing blog: Discovery Education
Through the Global, Canadian and Leadership Council blogs, I learn about some amazing resources! I really appreciate being able to read a great review of a product and then being able to access a link to the resource so that I can try it out for myself!

Best Open PD / Unconference / Webinar Series: Discovery Education
I love Discovery Education’s webinars! In my school, we’ve participated in over a dozen different webinars in the last couple of years. Some of these webinars include: Healthy Eating with Mark Sanchez, Climate Change, Polar Bears, learning with Phillipe Cousteau Jr., Spring Virtual Conferences (open PD), and Fall Virtual Conferences (open PD).

Best Educational use of a Social Network: Discovery Education
I’m a STAR member in the Discovery Education Network (DEN). I’m part of a global community of educators who are passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking. The DEN connects teachers both on-line and in person. Through this network, I’m able to read blogs and discussion boards, have exclusive access to a wide range of resources and professional development, network, and attend exclusive Discovery Educator events. I love it!!

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  1. Steve Dembo Says:

    Thanks for nominating us!! Love reading through your list :)

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