Many things are a-happening!

So much to write about!
I really wish that I could go to the DENSI this year. Unfortunately, travel costs are just too high. Maybe next year!

I’m really glad that Dean Shareski hosted a Canadian DEN meeting! Am looking forward to our follow up meeting next week. My colleagues and I have run into a few roadblocks with sharing the DEN with others in our area. We want to see the DEN grow, grow, GROW!

I was out of the classroom for a month, in order to take on an interim position in our school for a sick colleague. I missed my students so much, and using D.Ed.! It was right when Dr. Lodge put out the music video contest. I am SOOO glad that he’s extended the deadline. I’m back in the classroom and the students are working hard to learn the parts so we can tape soon!

The Mythbusters are putting on a LIVE webinar this Thursday! The Gr. 3-9 classrooms are excited to watch!

I can’t WAIT for the Science Techbook to be made for Canada. It is an amazing resource!

I’m also disappointed that alot of webinars/meetings that I’d like to attend start at 4pm CST. Which is right as I’m driving home from work. Once home, it’s over. *pouts*

Going to start advertising ASAP to schools in my area that my school will be hosting the Spring Virt Con again this year. I am hoping that at least 1 person comes this year! Once 1 comes, the rest will follow!!! I just know it! :)