September 2012

After accidentally moving my account over to the Techbook demo account, the tech gurus worked really hard to get my blog to “re-attach” to my account. Thank you very much!! :)

Monday night (Sept. 17) was a great night! I was able to share in a Google+ hangout with teachers from Winnipeg, MB in an “Evening of Discovery”.

I went early to my Scouts meeting, because I thought it started about the same time the hangout was to start. Unfortunately, the meeting wasn’t until 7pm! I had no way of getting into the school to set up, so needed to improvise! I parked the car close to a block heater outlet, rested the battery pack on the windshield, ran the wire into the car, and held the computer on the steering wheel, and joined the hangout!

Scouters started to arrive, parking on either side of me. Some waved with questioning looks, some didn’t even notice! Rob Wall shared from the highschool here in town, then I shared about how I use Discovery Streaming and the Student Centre. I think I shared too much, too quickly, but I was excited and nervous to take part! I wish I could’ve stayed for the remainder of the hangout, but needed to get inside to the started meeting.

I’m very thankful for the DEN and all their support.
Now to get ready for the Tech or Treat!!

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