I officially stink at keeping a blog. There’s always so much I want to write about, share, and collaborate about but I just don’t think the blog is the right medium for me. My students were great bloggers but we were finding it difficult to find other students to share our blogs with. I think of my blog often, I read about others who’ve had success with blogs, personal and professional, and I envy them.

Since I’m here, I will post about the huge success of our DEN First Nation LiveStream. It was a lot of fun, the students loved creating the VoiceThread to answer student questions, but the hype has fallen, and many classes that we thought we could continue a dialogue with are busy with their own classrooms and projects.

I feel disheartened sometimes when I invite colleagues to events and after committing to attend, they don’t. Or when invited, they decline and then attend a gathering of their own. I sometimes wish I worked in a district with more like-minded people when it comes to the DEN. Hopefully one day, that will be the case. Even so, I will still shine brightly, learn and develop myself through webinars, and I will be all that I can be with the DEN. I will continuously need support and encouragement and will receive it from my DEN friends in other parts of the world.

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