It’s a Small World Intro

Hello! Tansi!
We are the Gr. 5/6 class at Chief Poundmaker School in Saskatchewan, Canada. We’re a Cree First Nation school. There are 15 of us in our class. There are 8 Gr. 5’s and 7 Gr. 6’s. However, our school year ends in June of this year, so these numbers and the students in our class will change in the new year (September). We have two teachers this year, and hopefully next year! Ms. Albert (shown in picture with class) teaches in the a.m., and Ms. Thompson (taking the picture) teaches in the p.m.
We enjoy Skyping and learning about other places, people, and cultures. Those of us that will be in the class next year are looking forward to joining the “It’s a Small World” group blogging project hosted by a class in New Zealand!

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  1. Jacinda Panther Says:

    Well done Sarah! It’s hard starting (and maintaining) a blog. I have been blogging for a few years but have changed classes the last three years so have always started new blogs. Hopefully this one will be the last new one I create.

    Have fun with and remember a post only has to be a couple of sentences and a photo…

    Good luck and I look forward to working with you and your class!

  2. mitchell Says:

    Hi my is mitchell
    I am from New Zealand and im doing its a small word with you our teacher just got back from a tripallaround london and we are back on the blogs.
    from mitchell :)

  3. Sarah Thompson Says:

    Thanks Jacinda! I hope to keep up with the blog via this project. Thanks Mitchell! We’re looking forward to learning more about you and your class through this project. Students are back in school September 3rd, so watch for our first blog post then!

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