A day in Chief Poundmaker School

8:30-8:45am – Buses drop students off at school.
9:00am – School starts
9:00-10:00am – Math
10:00-10:30am – Computers or Health
10:30-10:40am – Recess
10:40-12:00pm – ELA (English Language Arts) or Guided Reading
12:00-12:30pm – Lunch/Recess
12:30-1:00pm – Social Studies
1:00-1:30pm – Cree (Day 1, 3, 5) & PE Health (Day 2, 4, 6)
1:30-2:05pm – Phys. Ed.
2:05-2:15pm – Recess
2:15-2:45pm – Science
2:45-3:15pm – Art
3:15pm – HOME TIME!!

Have a great day!

3 Responses to “A day in Chief Poundmaker School”

  1. Miss Panther Says:

    Wow! What a busy day! I know Room 11 children will have loads of questions for you when I show them this tomorrow!

  2. Ella RW Says:

    Kia Ora
    I Really Like your post about your day at school it sounds like fun!Can you tell me more about Cree and what you do in Health and Phys.Ed.? Here is the link to my blog http://ellarwsawesomeblog.blogspot.co.nz/

  3. Sarah Thompson Says:

    Tansi Ella! In Cree class, we learn about our culture, and practice our language. In Health, we’ve been learning about healthy living, and in Phys. Ed., we learned about taking our pulse, skipping, and aerobics.

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