New Year and new role

What an amazing first month of 2014! With the new year came a new role and new challenges.

Firstly, I am no longer a classroom teacher. Due to a retiring teacher, as of Jan. 6th, I was re-assigned to be a full time catalyst teacher at our school. In the mornings, I am the Math Catalyst teacher and assist classroom teachers with planning math lessons using the 2 main resources at our school, First Steps in Math, and Math Makes Sense. In this role I also diagnostically task each student from Gr. 1-9 to assist teachers in learning more about where their students have gaps in their learning. They then use the information to focus instruction for each student.

Secondly, I am the Leveled Literacy Intervention catalyst in the afternoons. This is a new position for me so with it came a lot of learning! I currently meet with 2 small groups of students from grades 1 and 2 and do intense reading and writing lessons with various strategies. After 14 weeks, we assess the students using the Developmental Reading Assessment and form new groups. After the winter break, I’ll be taking on a 3rd group with grade 4 students in addition to a new grade 1 and 2 group.

Lastly, I am still assisting the students and new teacher in the (my) classroom. The students are still very interested in Skyping, and Mystery Skyping so I schedule times to visit the class since the students really enjoy it and are always looking forward to the next one (so please email me if you’d like to)!. Our Twitter has gone quiet, as has our blogging, but I’m hoping to be able to meet with the students every now and then to stay connected with our friends throughout the rest of the year.

As for the next few days, on Monday, our grade 4-12 students will be going skiing for the day! On Tuesday, Maria Campbell (a Métis author, playwright, broadcaster, filmmaker, Elder, and fluent speaker of four languages: Cree, Michif, Saulteaux, and English) will be visiting our school! We are very excited to see her! We will be following the winter Olympics starting Feb. 7th, and then Winter break is Feb. 17-21st.

‘Til next time!