September 2012

After accidentally moving my account over to the Techbook demo account, the tech gurus worked really hard to get my blog to “re-attach” to my account. Thank you very much!! :)

Monday night (Sept. 17) was a great night! I was able to share in a Google+ hangout with teachers from Winnipeg, MB in an “Evening of Discovery”.

I went early to my Scouts meeting, because I thought it started about the same time the hangout was to start. Unfortunately, the meeting wasn’t until 7pm! I had no way of getting into the school to set up, so needed to improvise! I parked the car close to a block heater outlet, rested the battery pack on the windshield, ran the wire into the car, and held the computer on the steering wheel, and joined the hangout!

Scouters started to arrive, parking on either side of me. Some waved with questioning looks, some didn’t even notice! Rob Wall shared from the highschool here in town, then I shared about how I use Discovery Streaming and the Student Centre. I think I shared too much, too quickly, but I was excited and nervous to take part! I wish I could’ve stayed for the remainder of the hangout, but needed to get inside to the started meeting.

I’m very thankful for the DEN and all their support.
Now to get ready for the Tech or Treat!!

The HearALL Assessment Recorder Giveaway

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher is having a Giveaway today!
The HearALL Assessment Recorder!!

This is what the blog says about this amazing resource tool:

I’ve been using this handy little gadget in my classroom for well over a month now and my students and I LOVE it! What do I love about it you ask??

It’s light weight and easy to use!
The sound is very clear and high quality.
It allows me to be in two places at once.
The reluctant/shy students are motivated to read aloud to it.
The kids are under it’s charm and stay focused when reading to it.
It doesn’t need batteries.
You can play back recordings on the spot, save for later, send to a parent via email, upload recording to your blog, etc… (So much potential!!)
Wonderful way to practice fluency! They can buddy read in a fun voice (cowboy/robot/alien/etc.) then play it back and listen to themselves. Super fun!!

Sign up for the giveaway at:

Many things are a-happening!

So much to write about!
I really wish that I could go to the DENSI this year. Unfortunately, travel costs are just too high. Maybe next year!

I’m really glad that Dean Shareski hosted a Canadian DEN meeting! Am looking forward to our follow up meeting next week. My colleagues and I have run into a few roadblocks with sharing the DEN with others in our area. We want to see the DEN grow, grow, GROW!

I was out of the classroom for a month, in order to take on an interim position in our school for a sick colleague. I missed my students so much, and using D.Ed.! It was right when Dr. Lodge put out the music video contest. I am SOOO glad that he’s extended the deadline. I’m back in the classroom and the students are working hard to learn the parts so we can tape soon!

The Mythbusters are putting on a LIVE webinar this Thursday! The Gr. 3-9 classrooms are excited to watch!

I can’t WAIT for the Science Techbook to be made for Canada. It is an amazing resource!

I’m also disappointed that alot of webinars/meetings that I’d like to attend start at 4pm CST. Which is right as I’m driving home from work. Once home, it’s over. *pouts*

Going to start advertising ASAP to schools in my area that my school will be hosting the Spring Virt Con again this year. I am hoping that at least 1 person comes this year! Once 1 comes, the rest will follow!!! I just know it! :)

It’s been a while…

which is sad. I was really hoping to utilize my blog more this year, but it continues to be set aside for other things.
I was going to write about the DEN SCIcon that takes place this Sat. but am now going to be camping with Cub Scouts this weekend. hehe Thank goodness for archives! I’ll have to write a delayed response. I’m also humming and hawing over applying for this year’s DENSI. I don’t have too much longer to apply so my decision will be made soon. I was really happy to see Dean Shareski’s blog a few weeks ago. I envision the DEN growing exponentially in Canada and the more staff that can travel the country and share the amazingness of all things DEd. the better!! :)

EduBlog Award nominations

My nominations for the 2011 Edublog Awards

I nominate the following:
Best Group Blog: Discovery Education
I really enjoy being able to read the Discovery Education Glogbal blog, Canada blog, and Leadership Council blogs. They are insightful, give great ideas, and are a great means of sharing news, events, and successes internationally.

Best EdTech / Resource Sharing blog: Discovery Education
Through the Global, Canadian and Leadership Council blogs, I learn about some amazing resources! I really appreciate being able to read a great review of a product and then being able to access a link to the resource so that I can try it out for myself!

Best Open PD / Unconference / Webinar Series: Discovery Education
I love Discovery Education’s webinars! In my school, we’ve participated in over a dozen different webinars in the last couple of years. Some of these webinars include: Healthy Eating with Mark Sanchez, Climate Change, Polar Bears, learning with Phillipe Cousteau Jr., Spring Virtual Conferences (open PD), and Fall Virtual Conferences (open PD).

Best Educational use of a Social Network: Discovery Education
I’m a STAR member in the Discovery Education Network (DEN). I’m part of a global community of educators who are passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking. The DEN connects teachers both on-line and in person. Through this network, I’m able to read blogs and discussion boards, have exclusive access to a wide range of resources and professional development, network, and attend exclusive Discovery Educator events. I love it!!

I’ve been neglecting…

my blog. Since the Discovery Education Tech or Treat, I’ve been meaning to log in and post. Sometimes though, time just slips past so quickly! This has been one of those times. But, better late than never!

Discovery Education Tech or Treat: Our school hosted this event for our 2nd year. 15 staff were in attendance, arriving at the school for 7am, happy to be welcomed by Tim Horton’s coffee and muffins :) We had a great time learning about new resources from all of the presenters. We also enjoyed being able to sit and chat about the resources we’ve been using in our classrooms. I love sharing sessions! I always walk away with new ideas.

Non DE news: My Gr. 5/6 class just hosted a cultural sharing session with a school in Ontario on Nov. 17th. My colleague in Ontario, Leigh Cassell, has started a huge project called the “Digital Human Library”. It is going to be an AMAZING resource once it is up and running. Teachers will have a digital library of contacts that classes can connect with via Skype. Check out our presentation at:

I’m also really looking forward to my first gig as a SmartBoard trainer on Thurs. the 1st (which is also my birthday)!
It is a great opportunity to show how I use the SmartBoard in my classroom, but it’s also a great outlet for me to plug DE!! I use DE photos, sound, and video in quite a number of my lessons for the SmartBoard.

Discovery Education Tech or Treat

Wow! I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! I love the “Tech or Treat” that is put on by Discovery Education every year. This year, I’ve extended invitations to the surrounding schools in the city and rural areas to attend in person at my school. Our staff are really looking forward to the event. We even have our group costume figured out! I can’t wait!!

Live Interactive Wellness Webinar With New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez

The Gr. 3-9’s all participated in the Live Interactive Wellness Webinar With New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez presented by the GENYOUth Foundation and Discovery Education on Sept. 27th. The students had a great time “warming up” with Mark and then listening to him talk about leading a healthy lifestyle. The class asked some amazing questions and most of them were answered during the presentation. Their favourite part was learning that they can easily start exercising with a friend by going up to them and saying, “Tag! You’re it!” Thanks for a fantastic webinar!

Busy, little bee

On Friday of last week (the 16th), 4 classes at our school participated in the Sharks: Myth vs. Reality webinar (Gr. 2-9). The students loved learning about sharks, following the live chat, and watching the video clips. Then afterwards, we found a Myth vs. Reality video in Discovery Streaming that we watched.

And now, wowzers!, I am preparing for a busy week! Monday and Tuesday will be spent attending a PD Conference in town. Here is where I’ll be passing out posters to all of the other schools in the city to invite them to my school to attend the Discovery Education Tech or Treat!!

Then on Thurs., I’ll be attending a principal’s meeting to showcase Mathletics at our school. I really hope that our District will embrace this amazing resource into all of our schools!

Fri. morning we will be Skyping with 2 classrooms. One to collaborate on the Global Read Aloud project that starts Monday, and the other is a partner class that we’ve connected with through Skype in the Classroom. In the afternoon is our Terry Fox Run. The kids always have a blast participating in this amazing event!

Ready, steady, go!

First 3 days of school!

Wow! The first 3 days have come and gone. *smile* What a great start to a new year! I’ve set up my students with “Gamification” additions and they are loving it!! My “Flip-a-card” chart has turned into a +10 bonus xp board.
Homework and “I’m done, what’s next?” activities are awarded with xp, they have options to practice the objective learned, and the badges on Edmodo are a lot of fun to award and create. We had an excellent discussion about bullying, shared stories, and then watched some videos on DEd that talk about accepting differences. They really enjoyed watching them and it was a great addition to our discussion.

We’re also set up to join the Global Read Aloud project this term. We have our wiki, Twitter, and Skype set up to share and collaborate with others who are participating.

This term is going to be amazing!

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