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Web 2.0

The Awesome Highlighter website provides a quick and easy way to highlight text you find on-line.  There are different color options for highlighting.  This enables you to consistently highlight the main idea in blue, for example, supporting details in yellow, areas of confusion in green, etc.  You can export your highlighting for later discussion of main idea or summaries.  However, the color of the highlighting does not export … just the words.  You can even post notes using virtual “sticky notes.”  The site will give you a link to allow you to see the entire text.  This is a quick and easy tool to use in your classroom to model or practice an active reading strategy.

As an example, I have highlighted some of the text from one of my recent blog posts, Check your planner.

Spelling City is a web 2.0 resource that I have come to depend on especially in my 6th grade Word Study class.  They love the reinforcing games and the ability to test themselves.  They have added several spelling word lists that you can choose to use rather than developing your own.  There are even entire spelling programs listed.   Spelling City has had a recent upgrade, and they now offer a pay version which enables teachers to track students’ activities and test results.  The premium version costs approximately $50 a year for 30 students.   The following is an excerpt from SpellingCity‘s web site.

Premium Memebership

If you like SpellingCity, you’ll love the SpellingCity Premium Membership.

With Premium Membership, you get:
1. Automatic test grading and student grade book
2. Complete activity tracking of all student activities
3. Access to SpeedySpeller, the first of the Premium Games
4. Telephone support

I will be using this page to keep a running record of Web 2.0 resources and updates.


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