Hmmm… HOW (P)INTEREST(ing)!




As I read my tweets, talk about Pinterest kept appearing in various Tweets. It appeared in blogs and links, and it seemed that everyone,
everywhere, was talking about it.   I took a quick look, wasn’t that interested, and left the site.

I returned to the site after I posted , “How Do You Know You’re a Teacher? by Jeff Foxworthy and it ended up pinned, pinned, and repinned, my pinterest was piqued. :) The number of people who visited my blog,  just from viewing it on someone’s  Pinterest board was amazing!  I sheepishly went back to this site I had previously dismissed, and found out I had to request an invitation. Fortunately, they didn’t know I had dissed them earlier,  and  I was accepted into the Pinterest flock with open arms!:)

I like it, I really like it! My first task was to start pinning blogs I like to keep up with. No way, I could get all of them at once, but I think I’ m off to a good start.  Next, I will pin some resources I use, and then I’ll pin a few Pinterest education sites I’ve come across, and then… Well, you get it…

Another great advantage of Pinterest is the number of Education boards out there! I have been clicking through the referrals on my site and have come across some really interesting ones that I am now following. I have my little pinmarklet embedded on my toolbar, ready and waiting, to pin the next good thing that comes along! Pin It

Web 2.0 Smackdown@ Edubloggers Con/ISTE11 Stupendous Sites!

I attended my first Edubloggers Con at ISTE11 today. One of my favorite moments was the smackdown. Teachers voluntarily chose to get up and share a tool in 3 minutes. If I hadn’t been such a chicken, I would have shared WatchKnow or GoAnimate4Schools , but, I wasn’t brave enough.:)

Web 2.0 Smackdown @ ISTE11                                                                                               

WEB 2.0 SmackDown @ Edubloggers Con ISTE11 – Jog the Web

Thanks to all the presenters that got up there and shared! I took all the sites they shared and put it in this Livebinder and as a Jog the Web format. Enjoy!

Environmentally -friendly lessons

We just received new copiers. . Big ,big, heavy-duty copiers, meant to run off lots and lots of paper. I have come to the conclusion,  that teachers,mind you this opinion is  not based onany  research, use more paper than any other profession.  Between assessments, handouts, flyers, and the” 25 pages that were copied 2 sided/2 sided because someone forgot to clear the machine” or “the teacher who used it before you forgot to remove the pink paper,’ we waste a lot of paper!

That being said, I was so proud of myself when I created an environmentally friendly lesson.  As a matter of fact, more and more of my lessons are “green.”  I owe it all to my friend, technology.  I was teaching the skill making inferences and it  was almost completely green. First, my whole group lesson was  obtained from SMART exchange and was shared on the SMARTboard.  The students followed and interacted on the board, no paper. Next, they watched the video, “Miss Nelson is Back”, courtesy of Discovery Education’s United Streaming.  After viewing the movie, they completed the  “Organizing Inferences” sheet,that was  posted on Edmodo, turned in on Edmodo, graded on Edmodo, AND their grade was viewed on Edmodo. And as an icing on the cake, “Mrs.Nelson is Back” was  assessed using the quiz I obtained from United Streaming and typed onto  The quiz was  taken online, graded online,and the  scores were given to the students instantly! I tell you, how much more “green” could I get? 

More and more, because I have access to these tech tools, I have been moving away from the use of paper in my classroom ,and it’s a good thing. My students have begun suggesting lessons where I don’t require the use of paper. Our reading and math program have online assessments where the students’  grades can be accessed online.  I have created an answer key for assessments though, it’s always good to have a hard copy and some parents do not have Internet access at home. Our state testing program is online as well. I’ve found that being “green” is not only good for the environment, but it’s good for my classroom as well!

Hello World!

I am so excited to be part of the DEN world! I placed an application last  summer, but I let it expire.:(  I decided to try again, my team cooperated with me, and they allowed me the opportunity to show them how  to set up student user accounts. Once I showed them, they realized how simple it was.  Really, that’s what a lot of teachers need.  What a  lot of teachers want. Someone  to show them how to do begin, and then what can be done with it once they have it. 

  And that’s why I became a DEN STAR educator, because I want everyone to be as passionate and as excited as I am about using Discovery Education.  I want to be one of the educators who show other educators how much more exciting teaching, and learning, can be!  Thanks for allowing me the chance Discovery!