TAW Thank you

Wow I have had the best time sharing the DE Science Techbook for students and teachers. My teachers are so excited to use this resource. I can see applications both for remediation and extending the lessons.

My teachers that are new to science are so excited because they have a resource from a familiar source and very engaging.

All I can say is Thank you very much and on the plus side, two of the teachers have applied to be STAR teachers. YAY!!!

After the Webinar

Yesterday I attended the Virtual Conference that was offered! Wow what an experience!!!  It was great. I learned about tools that I can I can really see my teachers using. I can’t wait to get back to school to tell them. I am so glad that the sessions will be archived so I can go back and experience them again. The cell phone session was just amazing!

: )

After Ike

Today, is the first day back after Hurricane Ike. I am not sure who is showing more stress, the teachers or the students. As a technology specialist, I am able to go into classrooms and the lab and hear bits and pieces of the conversations. I bet both groups will sleep well tonight.

The classes are very much like the very first day of school in August. In our district, we had 39 of our 40 schools damaged in some way. Some have had water in them, all have had no electricity for at least a week and some lost parts of their roofs, all of the intermediate schools have lost their gym floors! But the good thing is that todayat my elementary campus that the majority of the classes used Discovery Streaming in their teaching today. I was glad that they had that resource to use!!

At the Alternative school, school began too. The students were actually glad to be back. The counselors were of course very busy. The science teachers were able to pull in videos that went along with the discussions.

I am really glad that we have such a good resource to use.

Hello World!

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