The Definition of Partnership

June 26th, 2013

I have had the great opportunity to partner with the incredible team of professionals for roughly 7 years. I have learned a lot from that partnership over the years. In my current role I meet with vendors on a regular basis and endure someone trying to sell me a product in a short window of time followed by incessant emails of follow-up afterwards. The partnership with DE has always been different. I tell my friends at Discovery all the time what makes them different and stand out in the market and it is not the product. The product is incredible and meets a need that every district in America has….a need for high quality digital content. What makes DE different is their willingness and their capacity to customize their services to meet the needs of an individual school or district. Here in Wake we are embarking on an incredible journey with DE that has huge implications for the future. Together we are designing a teacher leadership PD model that is unique and scalable. With anything new, there are bumps in the road, communication challenges, and obstacles to overcome. The DE team has listened, adjusted, pushed back, and been incredibly present in building the vision and the model. No one at DE asked me to write this but more people need to know. The define the difference between a vendor and a PARTNER.