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We are meme creators

October 2nd, 2014 · No Comments · Louisiana, WOW

One of the things that I experimented with this summer is the creation of memes.


Memes allow you to combine an image with a culturally significant saying.


Wednesday workouts

May 5th, 2012 · No Comments · Professional Developments, Resources, Tech Classrooms, Tech Tools

For the past few weeks, I have been spending 1 hour each Wednesday in a Google+ hangout with other educators from around the world as part of Paul Allison’s  Teachers Teaching Teachers and EdTechTalk series.

I started these mental, verbal and educational workouts because I received an invite from Paul Allison of YouthVoices.  We began meeting with other Youth Voicers to discuss the interaction of our students within our online community.  We have talked about string games, educating students, Trayvon Martin, virtual worlds/games and now we are discussing Howard Rheingold’s Net Smart and an accompanying college syllabus that he has developed.

For our latest hangout we were continuing our Net Smart book talk with:

+Paul Allison +monika hardy and +Chris Sloan are joined by +Howard Rheingold +Fred Mindlin +Valerie Burton+Mariana Rios +christian romero and Jeff Lebow

Below is a video from that hangout.  The quality is so-so.  We had more that 20 people jumping in and out of that hangout.


5 Literacies to conquer and perfect

May 5th, 2012 · No Comments · Blogging, Curriculum, Reflections, Tech Classrooms, WOW

Howard Rheingold’s book Net Smart is a great conversation starter.  Rheingold:

How can we use digital media so that they help us become empowered participants rather than passive consumers? In Net Smart, I show how to use social media intelligently, humanely, and, above all, mindfully.

Rheingold identifies 5 literacies necessary to be a fluent and responsible user of social media. They are:

  1. Attention –  Rheingold begins by talking about how attention works and how distractions and multitasking might be making us dumb.  These are thoughts that have crossed the minds of teachers, parents and students around the world.  The question is … what is the answer?  The answer to that question is yes AND noWe need to be mindful of the distractions that the internet provides.  It opens up the world to us and we must be sure to attend what is important and not what is easily available and entertaining. 
  2. Crap Detection – Just because it’s on the web does not mean that it is true.   This chapter deals with the need to find ways to identify and classify the good from the bad of the millions of informational tidbits that are floating around on the net.
  3. Participation – The web has allowed us to learn with and from each other.  We can now have online classrooms and communities that can house 2 people or 2002 people.  Bloggers, Tweeters and Facebook posters have the ability to speak their mind and change the world. 
  4. Collaboration – We now have the ability to pool all of our immense resources and … change the world.  There is no longer a  me and mine.  We have the ability to SHARE everything and increase the momentum of a project by making it us and ours. 
  5. Network Smarts – If we thought that telemarketers could make life unbearable because of how much they know about us;  think what can be done when businesses know every key stroke and search that you make.  We must learn how to protect our privacy so that we are safe and secure.
The book is a good read for anyone interested in learning about the reaches of the internet or trying to teach others about the reaches of the internet.  The book gives you topics to think and talk about.
Thanks, Howard.


What is your Personal Web Presence?

April 25th, 2012 · No Comments · Blogging, Google, Just for fun, PLNs, Professional Developments, Reflections

I have been working on my personal web presence, PWP, for years and will continue to do so because …. well because.  I had blogs, wikis, Twitter accounts and more but never thought about a way to pull it together.  That is part of the Personal Web Presence, PWP.

I want to get it “right” but I really don’t know what this is so I make changes often searching for that “right” look (I also have a little ADHD so when I see something that I like – I use it.)

I have linked up my blog and other sites to an ecard that I like .. for now.


I have looked at tons of educator blogs and sites and I like them all because they give me ideas about what I want or don’t want in mine. The sites that I really like are the ones that I go to and then forget why I was there because I have clicked my way through to many of their interesting and valuable resources and posts.

There are many sites that do that. I love to visit the Edublog Awards Winner Page to see who is listed and then visit their sites. I always find great material there. Some use them as their PWP and some use them as merely a blog, either way there is always a great deal of quality to see and read.

Your PWP also deals with what is online from and about you. I post more good stuff than I do foolishness but I use Foursquare to share my dinner and snacks.  I have tried to get into the habit of summarizing my Tweets and Facebook posts so that I can examine my regular footsteps and I am not too upset.

YouTube allowed you to do a search of your name to see what comes up when you Google yourself.  Here is mine:


My Mightybell experience via Steve Hargadon

April 25th, 2012 · No Comments · Blogging, PLNs, Professional Developments, Resources, Tech Tools

Steve Hargadon created a social network with the goal of

 helping educators learn to use the Web for their own learning–in part to help them understand where these tools will have pedagogical value for them in the classroom, but also to help them rejuvenate their own learning and careers.

Steve Hargadon’s Teacher 2.0: Using the Web for Your Personal and Professional Growth.

I have been working my way through the 14 actions listed on the site and I have found them worthwhile.  Some of my responses I have included on my blogs as post and others I posted a comment on the Mightybell site or the Teacher 20.com site.

  • Action 1: Starting!
  • Action 2: You Matter – What are you good at?
  • Action 3 (Re-)Discover Your Passions
  • Action 4 The Internet and Learning
  • Action 5 Understanding the Personal Web Presence (PWP)
  • Action 6 Creating Your Own Personal Web Presence (PWP)
  • Action 7 The Habits and Attitudes of Being Public Online
  • Action 8 Building Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  • Action 9 Twitter and Google+
  • Action 10 Becoming a Part of the Conversation
  • Action 11 Build, Curate, or Participate in a Passion Project
  • Action 12 Go Finish! Post an “I Am Teacher 2.0″ Video
  • Action 13 Create Your Own Mighty Bell Experience!
  • Action 14 Set Up a Teacher 2.0 Workshop


Weekly Twitter Action for 4/2

April 8th, 2012 · No Comments · Resources, Tech Tools, Twitter

Daily Twitter Newspaper

My publications
Philosophical Quotes
  • The greatest wealth is to live content with little. ~ Plato
  • “The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind – Wayne Dyer”
  • “Are You In Hiding? Or Shining Brightly?” @AmazingWomen
  • “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~ Eleanor Roosevelt”
  • “The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Words Of Wisdom from Maya Angelou http://ow.ly/6CAlN via@AmazingWomen
  • Action=Results=Success=Confidence=Action via @motivationlive
  • When it comes down to it, the last person you think of at night is the one who truly matters to you.
  • As my own children get older and begin to see the world differently, the more important it is for me to teach LOVE and UNDERSTANDING.
  • Apply for the DEN Leadership Council 2012-2013 – DEN Blog Network  http://t.co/M95Kgj8a

Must Read Articles or Must Watch Videos






Weekly work from my class – April 2nd

April 8th, 2012 · No Comments · Assignments

My Detox for week – April 2nd.

This detox is a recap of work done in class.  Thx to the YouthVoices.net crew 4 the idea.



February 26th, 2012 · No Comments · WOW

This site has videos and flipcards to help them learn vocabulary words.

With VocabAhead you can:

1. Create Your Personalized Lists

Create personalized lists with words of your choice, meeting the academic level of your students.

2. Share Your Lists with Your Students

Students create an account and you share your personalized word lists with them and other users.

3. Embed a Customized Widget in Your Blog or Webpage

Create a customized widget for your blog or classroom webpage. To learn more Click here.

4. Engage Your Students in the Vocabulary Building Process

Make vocabulary building fun by assigning vocabulary video projects to your students and uploading their work to the VocabAhead website.



“Old dogs” can learn new tricks

February 18th, 2012 · No Comments · WOW

First let me say that I don’t believe that Ms. Smith is really an “old dog” buttt… I had a chance to make the day of one of the seasoned workers at school and I am so happy for her.

Be sure to share your tech tips and resources with some of the seasoned workers at your job site. Some of them can and will use your help and expertise.

For Christmas I gave a wireless mouse to Ms. Smith, one of our office clerks. I picked it up from Office Depot during their Black Friday Sale for close to nothing.  I got a few of them because they were so cheap.  I was going to keep them for myself, one for home, one for the desk and one for the laptop I use with the Promethean board.

One morning I watched Ms. Smith struggle with her old mouse and asked if she would be interested in “getting an upgrade.”  She said that she was willingly to try the wireless mouse out to see if she could use it.  It took almost a week before she actually used it but SHE IS NOW IN LOVVVVE and can’t imagine working without it.  My clerk has become the envy of the office because she has the mouse and I have become a Goddess.


Try to take the time and show some of the “old dogs” around you some new tricks.  They might surprise you AND they might surprise themselves.



My Tweets for 2010-10-11

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  • TeachPaperless: An Example of Jing Used to Comment on Student Work Online: http://bit.ly/a7Ct8O GENIUS!! #
  • TeachPaperless: An Example of Jing Used to Comment on Student Work Online: http://bit.ly/a7Ct8O GENIUS!! #LAtchrs #JPPSS #
  • @CRHeitz Sorry. I was looking forward to some tweets from the sessions. In school library waiting for PD to start. #
  • RT @davedowl Sorry because I wanted updates. .#itec10 #
  • @CRHeitz Was that #itec10 session from @coolcatteacher as keynote? #
  • @zmanrdz Here is 1 more follower toward your 2000. LOL. Keep us updated. #itec10 #

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My Tweets for 2010-10-10

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  • \John Lennon lesson plan(Free 14-page handout, listening, online activities) – http://bit.ly/btvNma #ESL #efl #esol #english #
  • John Lennon lesson plan(Free 14-page handout, listening, online activities) – http://bit.ly/btvNma RT @vickyloras @SeanBanville #LAtchrs #
  • @ransomtech OMG. I am speechless. Congrats??? LOL. Bundle up #
  • BP put profits over safety: An editorial http://bit.ly/ak1Yte #LAtchrs #BS212 RT @NOLAnews: #
  • Introduction to Web2.0 & Language Learning RT @web20education: http://t.co/FLTyHRQ #LAtchrs #Teaching #JPPSS #
  • W.O.D – supersede : to take the place or position of “This edition supersedes the previous one.” http://bit.ly/a6nM7v @MerriamWebster: #
  • @tucksoon @maranca @ThinkfinityLA @MrPirkl Thanks for the ReTweet L♥V #
  • RT @cyclone_alyssa: use http://bit.ly/9YTyym to create self-checking quizzes #JPPSS #LAtchrs #

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My Tweets for 2010-09-27

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  • Thanks @lbott @kjarrett @ProficePress @bdevore @ShellTerrell @avalonsensei for the RT love. #

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My Tweets for 2010-09-26

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  • @cjrock Social media has allowed a Nationwide Conversation begins 2 open doors that wr not opened before. Chg will come. #educationnation #
  • Amen. Why go to work when you don’t feel appreciated or valued? ??? But we do it everyday. #educationnation #
  • Passion + Tools + Support + Content Knowledge = the possibility of a good teaching experience #educationnation #
  • Teachers wou #educationnation #
  • Teachers won’t last more than 1 year without passion. Need passion to return after that rough 1st year. #educationnation #
  • @experience_me Thanks for the committment. #
  • @cwilkeson How dare you propose such a radical idea. LOL Too funny. Yeah right #educationnation #
  • RT @akamrt @jackiegerstein: Tired of the $$ argument. Give me kids, roof, computers and internet,& access #educationnation #
  • OMG. Poor does not mean unintelligent? Wow #educationnation #
  • Whoa, protection of tenure. #educationnation #
  • We serve at the interest and betterment of the children. Thanks to the impatient man in the audience. #educationnation #
  • We should not be punished for not meeting someone else’s level of success. #educationnation #
  • We should be held responsible for providing opportunities and activities designed to make gains of some kind. #educationnation #
  • PD, resources and leadership is necessary for success. #educationnation #
  • Ms. Miller talking about Common Core Standard for early learners as the means for success #educationnation #
  • Global Collaboration is just as important as Global Competition #educationnation #
  • RT @8Amber8: RT @mbteach: Why do all students need to be college ready? Is that the be-all end-all goal of education? #educationnation #
  • @padgets @tomgrissom #educationnation I have followed conversation on my tweetgrid. #
  • @janetbianchini Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy your fruit and veggies tonight. #

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My Tweets for 2010-09-12

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My Tweets for 2010-09-11

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My Tweets for 2010-09-10

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  • RT @ABC26_WGNO: Saints win 14-9!!!!! http://fb.me/A4JQq9fG #
  • @tmmaerke We have spent 20 years with a paperbag over our heads as the Aints, there is no way that wins could not go to our heads. LOL #NOLA #
  • RT @NOLAnews: New Orleans Saints fans revel as NFL treats city to parade, concerts http://bit.ly/bvyK4h #
  • Check out: “The Week in Rap – They’re Back with the Summer Recap”( http://twitthis.com/tpgpwr ) #
  • Check out: “The Week in Rap – They’re Back with the Summer Recap”( http://twitthis.com/tpgpwr ) #BS212 #
  • Lots of interesting free online webinar titles related to Training at Elluminate. #JPPSS #LAtchrs http://ow.ly/2CpLE RT @cnagel #

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My Tweets for 2010-08-30

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  • Vote 1x a day 2 win $50K 4 project Create a arts tech camp 4 #LAtchrs & students of SE LA #pepsirefresh http://pep.si/bMGrQE #JPPSS #
  • @bebener @blairteach @TweetDiscovered Thanks for the ReTweet love. Have a great week #
  • @EDUCATIONCEO @YMoise Thanks for remembering us. #
  • 5 years ago, Katrina showed this country the reality of race and poverty. 5 years later, we already forgot. RT @EDUCATIONCEO: RT @YMoise #
  • An exciting n exhaustive list of things teachers should do before school http://is.gd/eLMI1 RT @EDUCATIONCEO RT @TheJLV #jppss #
  • 100 Ways Google Can Make You a Better Educator | OEDb http://t.co/8DHh9zk #LAtchrs #JPPSS #
  • Vote 1x a day #LAtchrs 2 win $ 4 project so seafood workers can start seafood farms! #pepsirefresh http://pep.si/aNUMpA #

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My Tweets for 2010-08-29

August 29th, 2010 · No Comments · WOW

  • @mom2manykids Thanks for helping out #LAtchrs. I have voted for outdoor ed. #
  • Please vote for Revive Outdoor Ed for 6th graders so it can continue #pepsirefresh http://pep.si/dzusqF #
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  • My Twitter BFFs:

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  • RT @_EducationApps_: 5,000+ SAT vocabulary words app http://bit.ly/SATvocab (iTunes: http://bit.ly/ckSLwK) #LAtchrs #BS212 #JPPSS #
  • Excellent. Teaching & learning w/Web 2.0 tech: (pdf) http://ow.ly/2wf7y RT @MariisMills @pdonaghy #LAtchrs #JPPSS #
  • @journalism_en Done #
  • My interview on Whohub http://www.whohub.com/vrburton #
  • RT @tomwhitby: A New #Edchat Poll Has Posted. What Do You Want To Talk About This Week? Vote Now! http://bit.ly/d06LLh #
  • Video: Obama Pays Respects in New Orleans http://bit.ly/9nrQnV #LAtchrs #JPPSS RT @CBSNewsVideo: #
  • RT @CBSNewsVideo: Hurricane Katrina’s Forgotten Victim http://bit.ly/cyiFgE #JPPSS #LAtchrs #
  • RT @NOLAnews: Hundreds of New Orleanians mark fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with grief, hope http://bit.ly/bW2Mta #
  • RT @NOLAnews: Families getting back on track 5 years after Hurricane Katrina, thanks to Washington company http://bit.ly/cv6osT #

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My Tweets for 2010-08-26

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  • Teachers: register class blogs here for the Challenge Yourself to Blog blogging challenge: http://bit.ly/ai2dXh #JPPSS #LAtchrs #BS212 #
  • Vote 1x a day #LAtchrs 2 win $ 4 project so seafood workers can start seafood farms! #pepsirefresh http://pep.si/aNUMpA #

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My Tweets for 2010-08-25

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  • Share and document your schoolyear. #Photo189 Take a pic for each day of the schoolyear #JPPSS #LAtchrs #
  • Vote 1x a day 2 win $50K 4 project Create a arts tech camp 4 #LAtchrs & students of SE LA #pepsirefresh http://pep.si/bMGrQE #JPPSS #
  • I’m at West Jefferson High (2200 8th Street, Manhattan Blvd, Harvey). http://4sq.com/9eiJYO #

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