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Who is not worthy if not you?

March 27th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Blogging, Professional Developments, Project Learning, Tech Classrooms

Recently, my son received what I expect to be the first of many scholarship offers.  I say that I expect more because he is a great, smart, clean cut student who has never been any trouble.  He is a school teacher’s son and a school teacher’s grandson so as far as I am concerned certain things were predetermined for him.

God gave him a brain and a good heart.  That in addition to a caring, educated mother means that a reprobate, he would not be.  I find it amusing that he has a hard time realizing that many people recognize and reward good, hard work.  He really did not expect to get many scholarship awards and when I asked him why he said, “Why me?”  My response was “Why not you?”

Why do we underestimate ourselves and our accomplishments?


His dilemma reminded me of myself and the uncertainties that I went through as I debated whether or not to apply for a technology grant offered by my parish or a contest for an Inspiring Teacher from Intel.  I wanted the prizes because there are lots of things that I could do with the additional technological devices in my class and I feel that I could learn lots from an educational technology conference.


I did not win the full grant but I was chosen to receive additional equipment for my room and I am ecstatic.   I did not expect to receive the full grant, partially because I already have so much of their offered equipment and partially because I underestimate myself and accomplishments.  I don’t think that I am the Queen of Educational Technology but I love what can be done in the classroom with the integration of various tech tools and I try to use as many as possible for my benefit and for the benefit of the kids.

I was chosen to be one of the twenty teachers chosen by Intel to represent them as an “Inspiring Teacher”.  How cool is that; to be told that you are an inspiration for others?

Why would I think that am I unworthy?

I am someone who helps out colleagues with their tech needs,

I introduce students to what can be done with wikis and blogs,

 I tweet and blog to share all good resources I find, and

I  take any and every tech training class available to me.


I propose to myself the question that I asked my son? Why Not? Why not think that I am worthy?  If not me, then who?  So often we are made to feel like we are not professionals.  But we are.  We know what is good/bad/right/wrong for our students.   My PLN serves as a reminder that we, as educators, are some of the most powerful people on earth and we need to remind ourselves of that, constantly.  I have learned more techniques and tips from my PLN during the last 6 months than I have in over 14 years of teaching and mandatory professional developing.


 Thanks guys.  You   We are wonderful, brilliant, brave, willing, eager, inquisitive, fabulous, caring, outspoken, confident, knowledgeable, professional….  


We are teachers and proud to be teachers.  We shape the future and are proud to be doing so.


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  • Patti Ruffing

    I can’t thank you enough for such an inspiring post. You have stated so well the feelings that I often have about not measuring up or not being able to keep pace with the movers and shakers in educational technology, or just generally underestimating myself. Like you I…
    …am someone who helps out colleagues with their tech needs
    …introduce students to what can be done with wikis and blogs
    …tweet and blog to share all good resources I find
    …take any tech training class available to me

    Thanks for the confidence boost for all of us who are really trying our best. You must be very proud of your son, and rightly so. AND, he must be very proud of his mother, and rightly so.

    Thanks for all you share!

  • Valerie Burton

    @Patti Ruffing,

    Thanks for your comments. We need to pat one another on the back. Here is my pat on your back. Thank you for your endeavors.

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