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Archive for October, 2007

Some Spooky Math

Ok… so while sitting around the house this weekend I created some more spooky math in PowerPoint for my K-1-2nd grade students… watch for them in the resources… Batty Counting, Spooky Counting and Spooky Addition.

These are just some fun PowerPoint activities that the students can click drag and drop and at the end print and fold into little books!!

Hope you enjoy them!!!

Second Life… a second time around

Second LifeOk…. so… I tried to get logged on to second life this summer… but my laptop wouldn’t cooperate…so after school started and I got a different laptop… I tried again…then I couldn’t remember my login…so I started again….so now I am Harmony Oceanlane…

so I came and visited and checked it out….so I guess I will have to come back when something fun is going on!!!