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Summer Tech Camp!

Well we are winding down another year and that just means I am gearing up for another summer technology camp. This year we are going to call it “Making Waves With Technology”

I am excited about the Distance Learning Vendors that I am getting in touch with that we will probably use at the end of each week. I am also thinking about sending someone out with a camera and using Skype or another great tool to connect back to us from an aquarium or something!

There are so many great resources out there… it is hard to decide where to steer my teachers, we have Discovery Science with the awesome virtual labs, streaming videos, and some great Web 2.0 tools that Glogster and Blabberize and more… can’t wait to give you updates on all that we do…..

Maybe we will get an opportunity to share again at TCEA! We had a full house in our tech camp presentation last year!!! If you are reading this and you came to that presentation and now you are starting your own tech camp!!! We would love to hear from you! A few of you have emailed me direct.. keep those emails coming!!!