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Count down to Summer.. and then…….

Well it is a countdown to summer… but that is not the end of teaching and learning! Of course I am sure you guys are as busy as I am with all the end of the year things we have to get done!

I missed the DENny awards!!!! Wow.. I am honored to be recognized! How fun is that.. I love to share resources… many of you come to my presentation at TCEA and we have a great time sharing “stuff” dennyaward.jpg

So…. starting June 15th… I will be back in the classroom coordinating my annual Technology Camp! It is so much fun! Students come to us from all around our county and sign up for a week long session… many sign up to come to 3 different weeks of sessions!!

We do some Web2.0 tools that we aren’t able to do in the school year. We create and print and publish and have fun from 9am to noon or 1pm to 4pm each day. And of course the kids really love the Friday videoconference with the expert and then the showing off of their stuff as their family and friends come to visit our labs. Of course by Friday we will all be wearing the tshirts that we create ourselves!!!

This year my theme is “Making Waves With Technology” We will explore water… and some creatures in water… we will connect with the Texas State Aquarium and Alaska sealife Center. I am so excited about these videoconference connections!

I have a website that my teachers and students will use to get quick links to places… and hopefully we will publish some kids work as the summer goes along!!

I am excited about the summer… can’t wait to share more of our adventures!