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Archive for October, 2010

My Website

I have been working on my website! I had a teacher last year come up to me upset because the link to something she wanted to use was no longer available….. well… actually what had happened was that the link to another school district was the link to the page to the link to the page where the link was that she was going to use… did I confuse you.. me too!!! haha!!!

So.. I decided to start creating a resource page of links that my teachers could get to without traveling all over the Internet to find… so.. here is a link to my resource page feel free to use!!!

Click here to get to my web page

and then click on Classroom resource to find some of the links out there that we like to use in our classroom!!! I am trying to update it often! So check back again real soon!!! Also, let me know of some sites that I should add for my teachers!!! Do you know of great places to practice math or science or other things… share!!!!


Glogster EDU!!!

This last week at the Day of Discovery at Region X our presenters had the opportunity to tell everyone about! So many educators were excited about the possibilities of students creating digital posters with glogster! I had forgotten that I was working towards becoming a Glogster Ambassador so that I can share more and more about glogster!

Here is what you get with

Kids get to create interactive posters to tell about their subject! Couldn’t get better than that! They don’t just have the words and pictures.. but let them record their voice, their video or use discovery images and videos to help them engage themselves as they create and their audience with the topic they are creating the poster about!

As a teacher for edu.glogster, I get to create private student logins and watch the progress as my students create their posters! We can then share with one another or privately with our parents!

Let me tell you more about glogster if you haven’t used it before!!! This is some really great stuff!!!