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Sneak Peek!!!

Have you checked out one of the Sneak Peek webinars?? You really need to see what is coming with Discovery Streaming! Some really cool things to help with your planning… be sure and check it out!

And how did it already pass me by???

So many things we each do in a school year. It seems like every year I start off thinking that I will keep up with my FB, Twitter, blogs, webpages and more… and one or more of them take a hit!

This blog seems to be last on my things to do list! I hate that… I love the DEN so much and love sharing with all of the members.. I really hate that I don’t spend more time sharing what I have learned or what I am doing with the Discovery resources…

This year I have made several presentations of Discovery in my presentation about great tools or tech camp…. Of course I always start the year with summer staff development teaching teachers how to use Discovery and the cool tools available… then I teach again in September as the year starts- this year I focused on the science techbook- OMG what a great resource! From there we made presentation at Texas ASCD, TCEA, IRA for the Jan term students from Austin College  and have planned to present at Tots and Technology in Galveston as the year closes!

My annual Tech Camp for students is just around the corner and I am making plans and creating the website for students and teachers to use… of course we will be using LOTS of Discovery videos, pictures, songs and virtual labs as we study about weather and create fun projects on the computers while we are doing it!

So… the blog before this one says school year starting.. this one is more along the line of school year ending.. and a busy school year it has been… I will try to post more as we start into our tech camp… maybe some fun things we do would be of interest to you… if anyone out there is still reading!!! :)